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Next week is Oracle Cloud World in Las Vegas. If you can’t make it in-person, there’s STILL a way to catch much of the content, digitally. And, I have a code you can use to get a free Cloud World Digital Pass!

We’ll have Cloud World TV on a live-feed, and then we’ll also have dozens of Database presentations available for on-demand watching.

Obviously, our own database tools team has several of these ‘digital’ talks queued up for the event:

  • Tips and Tricks for the Oracle Database Developer [LRN1523]
  • Cloud Native Database Development [LRN1524]
  • API-Driven Development and Low-Code REST APIs [LRN1525]

When searching the content catalog, look for “IN DEMAND” on a session description.

Two days of live streaming – keynotes, commentary, and in-depth interviews!

Database Tools Cloud Service Survey is now Live

Since I gave you a free ticket, maybe you can return the favor? I’m asking for folks to take this survey. Are you an Oracle Cloud Subscriber? The next time you login to your Cloud Console and navigate to any of our Oracle Database resources, you’ll see this –

We want to know what tools you’re using and what your current experience is like using ours.

Following along, clicking that link takes you here –

Only 3 pages, should take less than 10 minutes.

Just because it’s a Cloud Survey, doesn’t mean you have to be a current OCI subscriber to take the Survey. I’m looking for anyone using SQL Developer Web (and our other tools), who wants to share their experience with us.

Most of what is SQL Developer Web in the Cloud, is also available for any on-premises environment, so long as you have Oracle REST Data Services.

We’ll be using the survey results to help set roadmaps and prioritize features and Cloud Service integration.


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