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If you haven’t done an upgrade since 22.1 came out, then you may want to read this post first. I’ll show you how to upgrade one or more databases for ORDS.

ords --config /path/to/config install

So what’s new?

For core ORDS, we’ve updated both the JDBC and UCP drivers.

The OAUTH package has a new procedure for rotating your client secrets.


OpenAPI v3 is the default response now for your API Docs (vs v2 Swagger).

You can get v2 with Accept header (application/vnd.oai.openapi+json;version=2.0)

What about SQL Developer Web?

Automatic Workload Repository Reports

We’ve added an AWR report, and prettied up the HTML. We’re going to be reorganzing the report later this year to be more developer-friendly, so stay tuned!

Requires the Diagnostic pack with Enterprise Edition of the Database.

Here’s a sneak-peek:

I’ll talk more about this in a future post.

Multi-Lingual Engine (MLE)

If you’re in a 21c or higher instance of Oracle Database, you can run JavaScript in your stored procedures. Our editor makes that easier.

Way, waaaaay more details coming for this topic.

Show Code

As you’re doing stuff, we’ll show you the code, under the covers.

Click, click…boom.

But wait, there’s more!

I’ll talk about it more in upcoming posts, but the SCHEDULER also got it’s last set of features implemented.

APEX administrators, take note of this bug fix as well –

34207182 ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when running ORDS 22.1, JDK 17, & APEX 21.2


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  1. I can keep the config file intact …can I delete the old ords folder …I did redeploy the ords.war..I wasnt sure if the upgrade process did anything to the current ords.war.

  2. When going from ORDS 22.x to ORDs 23.x , which are deployed on WLS14c, do I need to redeploy the ords.war?
    also can I delete the old ords folder and move the config to a new folder. When I go to the APEX from end and view rest services I see ords is at 23.1.x .thanks for you help

    • Why toss the config folder? Just keep it intact.

      You have a new war file for each version of ORDS…

  3. Alejandro Maguey Reply

    How I configure the Certificate.crt and key in ORDS 23.1 windows for SSL

    • Just wait, various web server caches are yet to expire. Open Dev Tools in your browser to force a refresh might help.

      Downloading will have 22.2 in it.

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