We published two updates last night, both maintenance releases, aka bug fixes only.

Released January 19, 2022.

That being said, everyone should upgrade their SQL Developer to this version.

  1. It fixes insight/query execution performance issues in 21.4.1
  2. It updates the log4j library to 2.17.1

You can find the full list of bug fixes here.

If you can’t upgrade from 21.4 or 21.4.1…

Be sure to disable this preference, you’ll avoid the issue with slow queries/excessive hits to the data dictionary:

You’ll lose a lot of features, so try to upgrade to 21.4.2!

One last thing on this log4j business

A user asked, and it’s a good question:

Thanks for the question, DD!

Yeah, you can simply delete or rename the log4j-core.jar file in the sqldeveloper/lib folder, and SQL Developer will work just fine – so long as you’re not using it for the Lifecycle Management Pack feature from OEM, as shown here:

Change plans and Oracle Change Manager.

What about SQLcl?

The primary bug fix here was also fixed for SQL Developer.


This can be bad, as $ is a valid character for Oracle object names, like… V$TEMP.


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