Updated 25 July, 2022

I love seeing our users being delighted with our tech –

And so yes, the SQL format in your SELECT as a comment trick, works in SQL Developer Web 🙂

And so I just wanted to do a quick little recap of some of the other things that you’ve learned from SQL Developer and SQLcl on your desktop that will carry over to your browser.

  1. keyboard shortcuts for execute statement (ctrl+Enter) and execute script (F5)
  2. drag and drop related tables, we’ll build the SELECT and JOINs for you
  3. keyboard shortcut for completion insight (ctrl+Spacebar)
  4. DDL, DESC, and INFO commands all work as expected
  5. SQL History is mapped to cmd+Up/Dn

60 second show-and-tell

We aimed for as much carry-over as possible, so the learning curve is as shallow as possible!

Let’s go a bit deeper!

Generating DDL

I can shape my DDL by using the appropriate ‘set ddl’ command.

I’m going to turn off storage/segment attributes, and I don’t want to see the schema mentioned.

set ddl segment_attributes off
set ddl storage off
set ddl emit_schema off

ddl hr.locations 

Then I run that as a script (F5), and..


AutoTrace..run query, get stats & plan

Same idea in SQL Developer Web!

We’re working on a much nicer view for looking at execution plans, stay tuned!

Seeing the Code behind the GUI

As you use the wizards and dialogs to do database work on your behalf, you may want to see what’s happening, ‘under the covers.’

We have DDL/SQL and ‘Show Code’ toggles sprinkled throughout the application.

Create and Edit dialogs for all your schema objects –

Here’s what we’ll run when you click ‘Apply’ or ‘OK’ or…

And in the REST Workshop –

The ORDS PL/SQL API is responsible for most of the ‘ORDS Magic.’

Or creating a new database user –

You can also just ‘borrow’ the code with the Clipboard button vs clicking the ‘Go’ buttons.

Data Modeler…reverse engineer your schema

See tables, click tables, get the DDL.

You can save these diagrams IN your database. Desktop SQLDev Data Modeler will use them.

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