I love seeing our users being delighted with our tech –

And so yes, the SQL format in your SELECT as a comment trick, works in SQL Developer Web 🙂

And so I just wanted to do a quick little recap of some of the other things that you’ve learned from SQL Developer and SQLcl on your desktop that will carry over to your browser.

  1. keyboard shortcuts for execute statement (ctrl+Enter) and execute script (F5)
  2. drag and drop related tables, we’ll build the SELECT and JOINs for you
  3. keyboard shortcut for completion insight (ctrl+Spacebar)
  4. clear screen, DDL, and INFO commands all work as expected
  5. SQL History is mapped to cmd+Up/Dn (not shown in the GIF)
  6. there’s much more than this, but you hopefully get the idea now 🙂

60 second show-and-tell

We aimed for as much carry-over as possible, so the learning curve is as shallow as possible!

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