I’ve been working from home since about 2008, but for many of you it’s no longer just a perk. It’s a side effect of the worldwide response to the Corona virus. Obviously I’m hoping all of your are well and safe at home, and things are back to ‘normal’ as quickly as possible.

But, now that you ARE at home, you may find yourself at a loss. What should you be doing to stay productive? I have a suggestion for you. There’s a ton of educational materials available online, that you might not have been able to access before…on YouTube!

The following is a smattering of short videos you can browse to help get your feet wet. As the kids say, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and enable notifications so you don’t miss new content as it becomes available 🙂

In no particular order

Seriously, this is not a ranking!

Mike is a Master Product Manager for Database Upgrades

Mike jumps straight in, and shows how easy it can be to upgrade your 11g or 12c Database to 19c.

Melli is the PM for Spatial and Graph

We always says ‘Spatial AND Graph,’ but then end up talking mostly Spatial. Well, here’s an overview of the Graph bits. Also, this is all included with your Oracle Database license as a no-cost feature!

Patrick is a VP in our Product Management org, and helped deliver Multitenant to the market.

The Multitenant architecture is the only way to deploy a 20c instance, where you have a Container Database managing 1 or more Pluggable Databases. Don’t forget that you have as many as 3 pluggable databases going before you have to worry about additional licensing.

Maria is a Master Product Manager specializing in Oracle performance tuning

This is a core concept that anyone who writes SQL needs to understand. Now, I could remind you now that SQL Developer makes this easier, but you already knew that 🙂

Todd is one of our Developer Advocates

The Oracle Cloud has an Always Free edition. Todd shows you how you can spin up a new environment in less than a minute! Actually, if you’re thinking you should know more about the Oracle Cloud (OCI), then I highly recommend following Todd. I turn to his blog posts and videos myself.

Connor is one of the people behind AskTom.

Connor is one of our most prolific YouTubers. 20c is brand new, and here’s an overview of one of the new major features, Blockchain!

Shakeeb is our UI expert for APEX and builds many of our in-house production applications

The APEX channel is chock-full of content, and with 10,000 subscribers, many of you already know and take advantage of that content. But I’m guessing they could hit 20,000 subs and still not scratch the surface out there.

And let’s not forget Oracle-Base

Tim isn’t an employee, he just happens to be one of the most well known Oracle experts in the world today. And yes, he produces video content!

Here’s a topic that I’m quite fond of.

ORDS brings the power of HTTPS and REST to your Oracle Database.

Yes, I have videos too

If you want a quick take on SQL Developer, this is my current favorite video. It’s short and sweet, and should have something to offer for anyone who ever has to deal with SQL or data.

It’s 30 minutes, but the longer you stay, the more tricks you’ll pick up!

If you have favorite videos (Oracle Database content!) you’d like to share, please leave a comment with a link!


I'm a Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle. My mission is to help you and your company be more efficient with our database tools.

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