I haven’t had time to talk about this as much as I would like to here, but I at least have some slides I can share.

If you’re going to check out the LB command in SQLcl, be aware that in 19.2, there’s a bug preventing it from working in your 11gR2 database, but we have that scheduled to be fixed in a 19.2.1 patch – due SOON.

Note also that the SQLcl that ships with SQL Developer does NOT have the liquibase functionality – you need to download the standalone offering.

Docs & Examples?

You bet!

Click the pic to get to the Docs/Examples

And if you’re IN SQLcl, we have help and examples burned in there as well.

All of the LB commands
the GENSCHEMA does what it sounds like.

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    Victor Vooten Reply

    Does it support YAML format of change log?

    Receiving “Cannot find parser that supports “C:/trash/myChangeLog.yml”” exception, while snakeyaml-1.23.jar is in app\sqlcl\lib\ext

    • thatjeffsmith

      SQLcl will only process the custom XML changelogs that SQLcl itself generates for a changelog, you need to use a regular liquibase server to process your yaml. If you put our jar in their library, then it will be able to do your yaml AND our xml.

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