Updated 31 May 2022

I haven’t had time to talk about this as much as I would like to here, but I at least have some slides I can share.

Don’t like Slides? Here’s a 5 minute’ish video –

Basic Overview, in moving pictures and me talking.

Docs & Examples?

You bet!


And if you’re IN SQLcl, we have help and examples burned in there as well.

All of the LB commands
the GENSCHEMA does what it sounds like.

I said that ‘GENSCHEMA’ does what it sounds like…but it does much MORE than what it sounds like


  1. generates XML (with optional SQL) based changeLogs for all the objects in your schema
  2. orders them appropriately for dependencies in a ‘controller.xml’ changeLog

Those are both HUGE things. One, we support EVERY SINGLE type of object in a schema, AND if you want, it’s REST APIs or any APEX Apps it might have defined.

And we parse all the generated code, and sort stuff…for you. See the slides above for a bit more into the details.


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  1. Victor Vooten Reply

    Does it support YAML format of change log?

    Receiving “Cannot find parser that supports “C:/trash/myChangeLog.yml”” exception, while snakeyaml-1.23.jar is in app\sqlcl\lib\ext

    • SQLcl will only process the custom XML changelogs that SQLcl itself generates for a changelog, you need to use a regular liquibase server to process your yaml. If you put our jar in their library, then it will be able to do your yaml AND our xml.

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