It’s that time of year again, we have just released updates to all of our tools!

Downloads Here:

That’s right, we updated ALL OF THEM.

Let’s Talk about SQL Developer

It’s a minor release, no new major features have been introduced. But, we fixed a TON of bugs. And more than several of those were reported on the FORUMS. Thanks again to everyone in the community who pitches in to help make the product that much better.

Now, just because it’s a minor update with ‘just bug fixes,’ doesn’t mean there aren’t some goodies in there for everyone.

If you look at the Release Notes, there are a few feature tweaks & improvements.

A few for you to chew on now…

If you like DBMS_XPLAN, we can help generate those for you now, there’s a new Item on the Explain drop down control.

Generate DBMS_XPLAN statements for your Queries.

Also, when using Code Insight to complete your PL/SQL calls for you, we’ll auto-format the parameters list and close the ); for ya.

Better code insight for your PL/SQL

One more GIF…and there’s really two things here.

The Query Builder has been in the tool for a long time, but here recently it was suffering from a pretty bad performance problem. It could take as long as 20 seconds to render a query! So we fixed that, it should be near instantaneous for you now.

And while you’re in there, if you’re a fan of Oracle or ANSI Style Joins, the Query Builder can help you switch back and forth – it’s just a right-click now.


A Quick Note on SQLcl

SQLcl is now officially it’s own product, not just another offering of SQL Developer. There’s not much change for you, the consumer…but if and when you contact My Oracle Support for assistance, you’ll soon see it listed as it’s own separate listing.

And, as a last-minute addition for 18.2, @krisrice thought you all might like this:


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  1. Hello Jeff,

    Thank you all for making available this valuable product.
    Is there, in this version, a way to link a previously saved file to an unshared session?

  2. Hello Jeff
    How should I configure data modeler to connect to an oracle server with OCI ?

    • Something like this:

      • go into preferences, on the Data Modeler page
      • check ‘use OCI’ and check ‘use oracle client’
      • then in that same preference page, point to your 12.2 Oracle HOME
    • Need to change my glasses !
      It’s better but I still got an error :
      Statut : échec -Echec du test : Incompatible version of libocijdbc[Jdbc:122010, Jdbc-OCI:121020

    • Mmmmmmmmm, it’s saying the Modeler has a 12cR1 driver in it, so you need a 12cR1 Oracle Home to use a thick client (although I think 11gR2 would work too.)

      But my copy of Data Modeler 18.2 says it has a 12cR2 driver – what version of Data Modeler are you running?

    • I’m using datamodeler 18.2 against 12cR1 oracle server.

    • I’m sorry but I’m almost new in Oracle universe. What are you calling home ?

    • I solved it the dirty way : I replaced ojdbc8.jar with ojdbc7.jar renamed

      Thank you for your help

  3. Cancel Task (Query) button worked fine in 17.2.
    And now doesn’t work anymore, no matter if you are on thick client or not.

    • Yeah. I know. You all guys want to deep into details, i.e. server configuration, java version, etc.
      But the fact is I had version 17.2 installed on my laptop and Cancel Task was functional. I have just installed 18.2, have imported prefferences and now it is not functional.
      Nothing changed on our Exadata, nor on my workstation.
      Nothing but SQL Developer software.
      The same story for years.

    • I tried on my machine and it worked. So…? Do you want me to fly to Poland and test your machine directly?

      The only thing that changed between 17.2 and 18.2 is that we started shipping the Windows dist with Java 9.

      Obviously, something is ‘wrong’ – i Just need your info.

      On the cancel task, are you running a query or a script? There is a BIG difference.

      Are you running JDBC Thin or JDBC Thick (OCI)?

    • You’re always welcomed in Poland 🙂

      I run queries – usually do not need cancel any scripts.

      Finally after a few tests:
      1. Configuration without Oracle Client – Cancel Task doesn’t work for me
      2. Configuration with Oracle Client but without OCI/Thick driver – Cancel Task doesn’t work for me
      3. Configuration with Oracle Client and with OCI/Thick driver – Cancel Task DOES work!

      ad. 1. & 2.
      Actually after a period of time equal to running query without Cancel action, 18.2 finally says: Task cancelled by the user (Task cancelled in 0 seconds). 17.2 with the same configuration does Cancel action imediatelly with standard message: ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation

    • And these findings, scenarios are different than what you saw in previous version, or you were running thick connections also in previous version?

  4. There is still a bug in this version which was introduced in the previous in that you can not see xml data in the gird view.

  5. Jeff,

    I excitedly download 18.2 to my Oracle Linux 7 desktop, but now when I click on the “Container Database” folder (which needs to be renamed “Pluggable Databases”) in the DBA tab, nothing happens…

    [root@dba java]# java -version
    java version “1.8.0_172”
    Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_172-b11)
    Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.172-b11, mixed mode)

    SQL Developer Version:
    Build: 183.1748

    I updated my JDK to the above from 1.8.0_171 to see if that was the issue. It also didn’t work with 1.8.0_171.

    Is it just me?

    • Might be – It’s working or me on 12.2 oracle container instance connected with sqldev 18.2 (java 9 – this shouldn’t matter).

      You can see the SQL we run to populate the pdb and app container list in the View – Log – Statements panel.

      Care to take a look and see if anything’s amiss?

    • I sent you a DM on Twitter with the query output.

      Here’s what works when I right click what should be Pluggable Databases (but instead is actually Container Database):

      Create Application Container… <– Nothing happens.
      Create PDB… <– Nothing happens.
      Clone PDB… <– Nothing happens.
      Drop PDB… <– Working as expected.
      Plug in PDB… <– Nothing happens.
      Relocate PDB… <– Working as expected.
      Unplug PDB… <– Working as expected.

      Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production

    • Something obviously isn’t right. We need to collect more data to see what’s what.

      Can you open a Service Request with My Oracle Support?

  6. Since v3 we have had to add language and region to the config file.
    Ie in sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.conf we have to add the following:
    AddVMOption -Duser.language=en
    AddVMOption -Duser.region=US,
    otherwise it wouldn’t connect, but generated the error message:
    “Locale not recognized” and “Vendor code 17176”.
    We are located on the Faroe Islands and the language is faroese.
    Why is this so, and have you any plans for solving this problem?

    • It means our JDBC driver doesn’t support your locale of the Faroe Islands.

      So then you need to do what you’ve been doing.

      This is a good explanation of what’s going on.

      To solve the problem, you would need to submit an ER to the Oracle Java team to add support for your locale in the next JDBC driver update.

      Hej, og det er meget rart at møde dig!

  7. Diego aka @dresendi Reply

    Great News, I will see what’s new right away.

    Thanks Jeff for make developers’ life easier!

  8. Hey Jeff,

    Great !

    Quick question for SQL Developer: is it finally compatible with Java 10 (Oracle standard release isn’t it) ?


    • Because I have to save material for thursday!

      I like to take the new stuff and spread it out over a few days.

      But, since you’re curious…

      SDO JSON and RASTER support were added.

      Tons of bug fixes.

      No more installing ORDS into the CDB – PDBs ONLY.

      More to come – later this week or next 🙂

      As for your request, the developers have seen it, and are aware. It seems like a good idea to me for what it’s worth.

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