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What We’re Doing

The intent is to build a nice library of How-To’s for ORDS. I’ve started with a section on PARAMETERS.

Build scripts to demonstrate working with parameters in your Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) RESTful Services.

This will demonstrate how to:

  • Read a value in your GET handler SQL block from the request header
  • Return a value via HTTP Header and Response Body via your POST handler anonymous block
  • Read a value in your GET handler SQL block from the URI?var=value
  • Read a value in your GET handler SQL block from the URI/:value or /:value1/:value2

Getting Started

You’re going to need an Oracle Database, ORDS, and it will help if you have SQL Developer, a browser, and either cURL or a REST client.

You’ll need to install and configure ORDS on your database, and then REST enable a schema.

Then, you can clone this Git Repos, and use the .sql files to create the RESTful Services.

I have documented the scripts to explain what’s being done, and I’ve also included some ‘readme’ posts with screenshots to make it as accessible as possible.

The typos also come free of charge.

What’s Next

I’ll continue adding examples. A frequently asked question is how to post a file up, so I’ll probably tackle that one next.

I’m sure I’ve created some nice bugs and left some holes, so feel free to put my nose in them, and I’ll do my best to fix them up.

Also, I do have two smart folks (@krisrice @cdivilly) doing code-reviews, so you’re not completely left to my whims.


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