Password resets.

It used to be a pain – it required installing and configuring an Oracle client.

But, no more!

Simply get version 4.2, and you’re good to go.

Here’s the video.

So go get version 4.2 already.


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  1. Maciej Kubacki Reply

    Jeff, many years has passed, got version 19.2 and still long runnin selects are not being cancelled (got OCI set up properly and it shows up in properties as true). Wonder if this is really rocket science…. 🙁

    • It depends I guess. Some queries take longer to cancel than others. Again, we’re asking the database to cancel the query, and then we wait.

      Also, version 19.2 is still old, a year old. Version 20.4 will be available soon after the New Year.

  2. February 2018

    I am getting exactly the same error and I am with version 4.2.0.

    Build 17.089.1709

  3. Ajit Vishwakarma Reply

    i am getting error every time I am connecting to my database in sql developer app.
    Your database connection has been reset. Any pending transactions or session state has been lost.

  4. Konstantin Reply

    I have upgraded the SQL Developer on macOS.
    I can’t connect to my database anymore. Every time I try to connect, I get this message:
    “Your database connection has been reset. Any pending transactions or session state has been lost.”

    • Jeff Pearce

      I have found that SQL Developer is un-useable for databases that are not local to my machine. Always getting a “Reconnect” window with the error “Your database connection has been reset. Any pending transactions or session state has been lost.”. The query results window will show “Closed Connection”. I cannot execute any command without the error being thrown.

      When I attempt to open the connection node in the Connections window, I get a “Error Connecting” window showing “An error has occurred. Click Details for information that may be useful when diagnosing or reporting this problem.” The Exception Stack Trace:
      at oracle.dbtools.raptor.navigator.db.xml.NavigatorHook.getConnectionType(
      at oracle.dbtools.raptor.navigator.ObjectFactoryRegistry.createFactory(
      at oracle.dbtools.raptor.navigator.ObjectFactoryRegistry.getFactory(
      at oracle.dbtools.raptor.navigator.db.impl.DatabaseTreeNode.getObjectFactory(
      at oracle.dbtools.raptor.navigator.db.impl.DatabaseTreeNode$LoadTask.doWork(
      at oracle.dbtools.raptor.navigator.db.impl.DatabaseTreeNode$LoadTask.doWork(
      at oracle.dbtools.raptor.backgroundTask.RaptorTaskManager$
      at java.util.concurrent.Executors$
      at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
      at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

      The connection works fine in SQLPlus on the same system. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    • it’s not local or remote databases – it’s a bug based on the new jdbc driver

      you can:
      a)configure thick connections – the bad behavior will immediately go away
      b)wait for our upcoming patch where we’ll have this fixed

      Sorry for the inconvenience, I thought we had this taken care of for the release, but this somehow slipped through the cracks.

  5. This is very good news, I cannot stress enough on how common users hate to use sql*plus just to change expired passwords (because thin driver did not support that mechanism)…
    It would be even better if you could catch ORA-28001 and instead of showing this error (or showing some more user-friendly message) run this form automatically, so the poor users won’t have to bother helpline wondering what to do with it.

    • I’m not sure the driver supports it, but we can see what we can do. I know this doesn’t sound like a ‘sexy’ reason for most, but for rank and file IT folks, definitely is a much nicer setup now.

  6. Mauricio Silva Reply

    Hello, I’m testing SQLDeveloper 4.2 but I don’t see the contextual menu for ‘Advance Format’… All ways I use for change my select code from PLSQL to JAVA… Where I can found in this version?.

    Thanks Jeff

    • Mauricio Silva

      Thanks Jeff… last question, in 4.1x we can to format in many formats for Java…now I’m seeing just one way to format for Java.. Do you know if we as a user we can add more Java formats in Preferences?.


    • Similar question to Mauricio… I often used the “advanced format” feature to format code for VB.NET. Now with 17.2 I’m only seeing options for Java, Python, and PL/SQL. Is there any way we can add a custom format?

  7. I installed 4.2 and suddenly I get 2 windows- one with the actual sqldeveloper and
    another a dos command window with several lines like:
    UsersCache.fillIn() time = 160 ret==null?: false
    Failed to read custom formatting program /C:/Users/username1/AppData/Roaming/SQL

    C:\Users\username1\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system4.\o.sqldev
    eloper.\format.arbori (The system cannot find the file specifie
    Failed to read custom formatting program /C:/Users/username1/AppData/Roaming/SQL

    • you’re running the EXE in the root program directory, not out of the bin directory, right?

    • Thanks! I was running it out of the bin directory …

  8. Piotr Rzepecki Reply


    Even if we do not need Oracle Instant Client for resetting password,
    OCI/Thick driver is still better for cancelling queries.

    I have done small check and without it while executing a simple CTAS
    and trying to cancel it, query was still executing and finally table was created.

    But when Oracle Instant Client with OCI/Thick driver was used instead
    query was cancelled with the following error:
    ORA-01013: “user requested cancel of current operation”,
    which is what we should see.

    Best Regards.

    • Actually cancelling queries should be better and more reliable in v4.2 as well – without the thick client. Are you testing in v4.2?

    • Piotr Rzepecki

      Yes, I am using version and without using OCI/Thick driver when I tried to cancel a query (simple CTAS) it was still running (even if in Task Progress on the right side of the timer “Task cancelled” replaced “Executing query:..” information) and finally CTAS completed, while with it query was cancelled like it should.

  9. Seems 4.2 is even more buggy than 4.2EA =):
    1. Bug with the explaining of a plan of some internal query instead of query what I’ve asked for is still exists.
    2. New bug: connecting to the account in ‘EXPIRED(GRACE)’ state returns devision by zero error and produces a broken worksheet.

    • Not possible Andrey. We close more than a hundred bugs in that time frame.

      Can you give me a test case for #1?

      I’ll have to test/reproduce #2, although bug reports should be going to My Oracle Support.

  10. Hello,

    4.2 seems slow compared to with respective to Reports feature.. I had move back to older version due to slowness. Report starts with brief pause (in terms of seconds) with 4.2


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