I don’t think the word synonym is especially hard to spell, I just think it’s hard for my fingers to type it correctly. I’ve incorrectly typed it often enough that muscle memory is working against me.

I run into a lot of developers that never learned to type, which sounds weird to me – like a plumber who doesn’t like wrenches…but anyways, if you need a bit of help, Oracle SQL Developer feels your pain.

Start typing, we'll tell you what comes next.
Start typing, we’ll tell you what comes next.

Looking Forward

We’ve spent a little bit of time here in version 4.1 (available soon’ish) to make this even better.



Clicking on the DOCS section of the helper will bring up the latest syntax diagram in the [DOCS.]



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  1. Paul Routledge Reply

    SYNONYM, I can’t say, I can’t spell it. I wish they’d think up another word for it.

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