My view of the Atlantic Ocean off the Outer Banks of North Carolina this week.
My view of the Atlantic Ocean off the Outer Banks of North Carolina this week.
I’m on vacation this week – so in order to keep you folks entertained, I thought I would spotlight a few of our developers who also blog.

Kris Rice

Kris is one of the two original developers of SQL Developer. He’s also my boss, but don’t blame him for me. Lately, he’s been into all things cloud – especially taking our Oracle REST Data Services to the next level. But, he’s also into time saving features: he’s the guy that wrote the /*csv*/ stuff you guys and gals like so much.

You can find Kris’ stuff at

Here’s a post or two that I recommend you check out:

Barry McGillin

Barry has been helping our customers migrate their non-Oracle database and applications TO Oracle for more than a decade. He’s also responsible for a lot of the stuff you see in the SQL Worksheet. He holds multiple passports, so we often send him off to talk about SQL Developer at conferences and user groups. Barry talks about cool stuff over at

To whet your whistle, check these posts out:

Vadim Tropashko

Vadim is responsible for our SQL and PL/SQL parser in SQL Developer, writes the code around code insight, DESC popups, navigating your code, and in his spare time teaches database theory at a local university. He talks about math stuff, but every now and then covers a SQL Developer feature that he’s put in to help make your day easier.

Here’s a cool post to start with – automatic database links.

Looking for More?

If you go to our product page on OTN – we have a SQL Developer blog roll. The more recent 5 posts are culled from about a dozen or so of our internal bloggers.


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