There are many ways to open a file. File > Open is one, but apparently that’s too boring for many of our friends out there.

For you new-fangled mouse people, let’s look at drag-and-drop.

From the View > Files Panel

Just mind where you 'drop' it
Just mind where you ‘drop’ it

Ok, But What About from Explorer or Finder

Same difference, but there is one ‘trick’ to remember – you’ll need a worksheet or editor open first.

Did you stay till the end of the movie? If not, you missed where I showed you can drag multiple files into SQL Developer and have them each opened. This is definitely faster than file > open, file > open, repeat until numb.

But I have a Procedure, Not a Plain Ole SQL Script

Same difference really. You’ll need a worksheet. As soon as we see it’s a stored procedure, we’ll open the Procedure Editor for the file auto-magically.

Second verse, same as the first...
Second verse, same as the first…

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  1. Carsten Schlemmel Reply


    first thx for your tutorials.
    How do I open the file in sql developer if I click the file in the browser. How do I set the sql developer as default application for sql files? Simply send the file to sql developer via settings does not work.


    • Carsten Schlemmel

      Is there another way? I check it our on source save and want to double click it for opening.

    • Java apps don’t play nice with auto-open windows operations. I’ve just never gotten this to work as nicely as i’d like it to.

  2. Jeff
    Great tutorial. I can’t drag and drop tables into query builder. Nothing happens. Do you know why? I have version 3.0

    • Update did the trick. Great tutorial…Keep up the good work.

  3. Sabine Heimsath Reply

    Hi Jeff,

    if would be a huge enhancement if the ‘You’ll need a worksheet’ restriction was removed.
    I curse it several times a day because I switch often between different applications. And I don’t always click on a worksheet before SQL Developer loses focus. I can’t count the times where a script or package file was dragged (and not dropped) on a Data Grid or Column view…
    That adds up to many mouse kilometeres.

  4. Hey Jeff,

    in SQL Developer v3 i don’t need to open an worksheet or Editor to drop an *.sql File into the Developer. Why do you change it in v4? I like it, if i don’t need to open an worksheet or Editor.


  5. Matthew Sultana Reply

    I closed the files and restarted the console three times and they have no gone. thanks

  6. Matthew Sultana Reply

    As below:

    Oracle SQL Developer
    Build MAIN-19.07

    IDE Version:
    Product ID: oracle.sqldeveloper
    Product Version:


    Component Version
    ========= =======
    Oracle IDE
    Java(TM) Platform 1.8.0_40
    Versioning Support

  7. Matthew Sultana Reply

    My SQL Dev installation is starting with files I had opened sometime back and no longer use. How do I prevent this behaviour ?

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