So go download it.

I’m at the beach this week, not working. Mostly.

I’ll be talking about our newest addition to the family, pretty much non-stop, starting next week and stopping when version.NEXT is released. You have plenty to look forward to 🙂

SQL Developer version 4.0 - lots of yummy goodness inside :)
SQL Developer version 4.0 – lots of yummy goodness inside 🙂

For now, just a few points:

  1. We’re not distributing the JDK on Windows 32 bit distributions anymore
  2. We now require Java 1.7 JDK by default
  3. Windows installs will attempt to auto-find the JDK for you on the first run – if you’re in 64-bit mode, run the 64.exe in the bin directory and we’ll look for the 64bit JDK – once it’d defined, you can run the main dir exe again
  4. We’re shipping an JDBC driver now, so you’ll need an client to use OCI/thick connections – this will SOON change to 12cR1 driver/client requirement
  5. All 3rd party extensions are currently disabled – our framework has changed such that they will need to be updated to be compatible with the new version – more to follow early next week
  6. This is the first EA release for 4.0 – there will be more as you help us fine tune and tweak the new features and identify bugs
  7. Don’t be shy with your feedback, you won’t hurt our feelings

Now, back to the beach 🙂


I'm a Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle. My mission is to help you and your company be more efficient with our database tools.


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  2. Hi Jeff Smith,

    Why i am not able to upgrade to latest version of sqldeveloper or not able to install / download updates from check for updates tab? it’s asking for OTN username and passwrod, which is not taking my current credential after resetting password even.

    Any help appriciated…

  3. By any chance, do you know where the SQL Developer saving its features options? Are they in an configuration file or in the registry?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    • I do 🙂

      Since you said ‘registry’ I’m guessing you’re on Windows.

      Roaming profiles directory in the Application Data folder for your Windows User.

  4. In Windows 7 I have SQL Developer pinned to my taskbar and when I open it the pinned icon still looks pinned and another icon of SQL Developer shows up on my taskbar. Normal function would change the pinned icon to show that the program is open.

    This is actually

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  6. Anagha jayan Reply


    in orcale sql inside the view navigator the DBA is not getting viewed and my os is ubuntu.

  7. SQL Developer is so slooow. it actually loads for about 5 minutes on Oracle Developer VM. I’ve already assigned 6GB to that VM. Typing is slow. Executing is slow. “Initializing extensions” takes ages. Horrible IDE. Sorry.

    • How does it run for you on the native OS? I get 15-20 second start times on Windows and OS X…

    • 75 seconds total. after 10 seconds the “loading” window appears. populatng SCOTT “tables” branch (11 tables total) takes 25 seconds.

      even for this tiny home machine (Linux, 16GB RAM, x4 3GHz CPU) I reckon timings could be much better 🙁

      It is Java, has its pros and cons, I know, but general responsiveness of the IDE is begging for improvement…

    • I’m not so sure, I think something else is going on. What version of the OS, SQL Developer, and the JDK are you running?

    • Linux 3.13.0-24-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Fri May 2 23:30:00 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

      SQLDeveloper: Build MAIN-17.29

      JDK: 1.8.0_25

  8. Hi,

    Does this new version come with a way to set “Schema browser” as the default view? I remember you mentioning that it was on your to-do list.


  9. Hi Jeff,

    I have been trying to run a simple Create statement through Migration utility in command line. Below is my syntax:

    C:\SQLDeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin>sdcli64 Migration -actions=
    runsql -sql=”CREATE TABLE t1 (col1 number);” -conn=CONV
    Could not find a suitable processor for feature Migration
    cart: Database Cart Batch Tasks
    dba: Basic Batch DBA Tasks
    format: SQL Format Task
    migration: Database Migration Tasks
    reports: Basic Batch Reporting Tasks
    unittest: Unit Testing Batch Tasks

    I get above error message. I used sdcli also. Request you to kindly help me with this.


  10. Sharon O'Connor Reply

    I have downloaded sqldeveloper v build 15.21. After much difficulty I was able to get the Git support to work sort of. Now it does not work at all. When I try to clone after I enter the repository url, username, password,etc and click on Next, nothing happens at all. Will this ever work or should I just abandon all hope and find a different solution?

    • Are you defining a key and a password? I know if you use one, you shouldn’t use the other. Otherwise my experience with Git isn’t very extension. I’d recommend you open an SR with MOS or try reaching out to someone in the community on our OTN Forum. It should work – it’s been part of JDeveloper since last year.

  11. My connection menu dissapeared when restarting sql developer.
    I use version 4.0… of sql developer. In view menu the connections icon is greyed out (or maybe it is always grey?).
    I downloaded the sql developer that include Java.
    Anyone having a clue to solve this?

  12. Hi Jeff
    We have an extension that allows us to launch SQLDeveloper from an in-house password vault and automatically creates a database connection with a given password from the vault under 3.2, however this does not work in 4.0.2.
    Is there a somewhere can look for advice to upgrade our extension ?


  13. Hi, I notice that when debugging a procedure in a pakcage body I always get a new package body window. For a procedure or function not in a package it works like expected. I can debug in the same window. I have been looking in the preferences but cannot find how to disable this behaviour… Version is 64-bit windows

  14. When I try running Oracle SQL developer, it starts and fails after about 10% start up. There are no errors. The screen just shuts down. Is there a log or something I can look at to decipher what is happening?

    • you can open it from the bin directory – you should see a cmd/terminal window open with more feedback.


      You can go to your application data directory and delete the folder for version 4 – a corrupted file there is responsible about 95% of the time for this behavior

    • Margaret

      Jeff, I have been running and have had no trouble. I got a new computer and loaded 4.1.1 on my new machine and developer randomly shuts down on its own without warning. Sometimes it stays up for an hour and sometimes it shuts down within seconds of opening it. It’s a 64 bit machine with Windows 7. Do you have any ideas about my issue?

    • The only idea I have is a windows driver isn’t happy with Java 8. Check to see if there’s a video driver update available.

      Start running sqldev from a windows cmd window – run the exe directly from there – you should see standard output on the cmd window. The next time it shuts down, check that cmd window for error messages.

  15. Not entirely. I find my way around most of it. I should have added, I ran that command before I sent that. I just get a “bash: ./ permission denied”.
    Sorry to be a bother

    • you probably need to change the file perms to allow for execution, chmod 755 sqldev* should do it – assuming this is just your machine, that should be fine

    • THanks a million Jeff. Yess the machine is mine and I used the chmod 777 to sort it. Java was already installed so I entered the path as is.
      Thanks again.

  16. Hi THATJEFFSMITH, getting better at Oracle Database 11g and I decide to upgrade from version 1.5.5 to on Oracle Linux 5.7. I keep getting this error. Please help.

    [oracle@toochi Practice Labs]$ rpm -Uhv sqldeveloper-
    error: Failed dependencies:
    rpmlib(FileDigests) <= 4.6.0-1 is needed by sqldeveloper-
    rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) <= 5.2-1 is needed by sqldeveloper-

    • You can try upgrading your libraries OR you can get the ‘generic’ windows zip download, unzip it, and run it. So bypass the RPM process entirely.

    • thanks so far. But I’d like to know if it is okay to extract to any location or should I overwrite the current sqldeveloper directory?

    • So, I extracted to the desktop and tried executing and I get this in a window

      cd “`dirname $0` “/sqldeveloper/bin && bash sqldeveloper $*

    • Are you new to Linux? You might want to get an admin to help you out.

      I extracted my copy to $ORACLE_HOME\sqldev4

      I start it from a command window/shell prompt like…

      / > ./

      That launches SQL Developer – assuming it can find Java

  17. Hi Tom, getting better at Oracle Database 11g and I decide to upgrade from version 1.5.5 to on Oracle Linux 5.7. I keep getting this error. Please help.

    [oracle@toochi Practice Labs]$ rpm -Uhv sqldeveloper-
    error: Failed dependencies:
    rpmlib(FileDigests) <= 4.6.0-1 is needed by sqldeveloper-
    rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) <= 5.2-1 is needed by sqldeveloper-

  18. The tool still sucks. It may be functionaly equivelent to TOAD, but it is not a productive tool to use. I abosultely can not stand the tool but my people in out company who decided “free is better” are not the same people that use the tool. The only reason this garbage has any market share is because its free.

    • I understand you’re not happy Dave. And I would agree that changing tools can be a sucky experience.


      I cannot help you have a better experience or help make the tool better for you and your company if you can’t share some actionable feedback. I could tell our devs to do it ‘less sucky’ or I could say something like, ‘Dave cannot do his job b/c X, Y, and Z.’

      I’m here if you want to help.

      Feel free to contact me offline at [email protected] and please feel free to be as honest and brutal with your feedback as you feel comfortable with.

      For what it’s worth, I used your old tool, and I use SQL Dev each and every day for the past 10+ years to do my job. I think it’s possible to be productive AND happy with ours. But I’m just me, and obviously a biased source.

  19. Hi jeff I’m using SQL developer 4 for a while now but I have huge memory issues with it 1024 mb in use!
    Process is slow all lagging and on the end it needs to be killed in task manager…
    Tried to set up
    # Set the default memory options for the Java VM which apply to both 32 and 64-bit VM’s.
    # These values can be overridden in the user .conf file, see the comment at the top of this file.
    AddVMOption -Xms512M
    AddVMOption -Xmx2048M

    but no luck tried to untick Look and Feel option on Windows no luck either…

    I work in a banking programming business and this is big problem for all of us… we began to remove instances cause of lagging and loose of work when It hangs…

    Big and good difference is that now I can debug very very big packages that previously I couldn’t debug with developer but with TOAD. (126 000 lines of dynamically created code in production) …

    So plese do you have any solution for us…


    • I doubt SQLDev is acutally using a gig of memory, is this what jstack shows?

      Also, you don’t set the JVM options in ide.conf

      For version 3.2 and lower, it’s sqldeveloper.conf in the bin directory. For v4 and higher, it’s product.conf up in the user/application data/roaming profiles/sqldeveloper/ directory.

  20. Hi Jeff,

    I would be happy if you could help me or reference me:-)

    I had developed an extension for Oracle SQL Developer 3 version with the previous JDev versions. Now I have started migrating my extension… Focusing the databases context menus – I have in my extension context menu items added to the existing oracle explorer various objects as connection, table etc. context menu: In my old extension, I had a contextmenu xml file which I have define the various menu items under the specific location by specifing: etc. and the registration I have done in the “initializeAddin” by: Xmlbasedbjectsaction.registercontextmenus (Which currently is obselete).

    In the 12 c version, I am trying to migrate the changes: In the extension.xml file I have added the action->controller->contex-menuhook under the trigger-hook section as described – How can I define the context menu items to be added to the existing oracle connection ide database context menu? If you can provide me a working example of context menu to the sql fev db nav it would be wonderful.
    I assume the namespace of the sql dev context menu should not be the etc… and the site id-ref would be also suited to the db nav??
    Thanks a lot in advance!!

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