If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, how valuable is a 6 minute video? Instead of throwing up a bunch of bullet points and screenshots on the blog, I’m going to let you watch the movie instead. In just a few minutes, learn how to maximize your SQL Developer experience by

  • Navigating the connection tree with just your keyboard
  • Optionally using the Schema Browser instead
  • Jumping to package members in the Procedure Editor
  • Using bookmarks
  • Invoking the fullscreen editor

The Keyboard Shortcuts Discussed in this video

Keystroke Feature
Ctrl+Q Go to Next Bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+# Set Bookmark for #
Ctrl+# Go to Bookmark #
Double-click Editor Tab Invoke fullscreen editor

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  1. Hi Jeff
    Thank you so much, I’ve aready found many helpful tips here. I’m aware that this post is a couple of years old. I’m desperately looking for a way of navigating large SQL Worksheet scripts. I can set bookmarks in the SQL Worksheet, but the are deleted whenever I close PL/SQL Developer. They also don’t show in the bookmarks window. Any tips for navigating large SQL Worksheet scripts? Thanks Marga

  2. Oops, I posted the previous comment too soon… I could not use the bookmark features in worksheet.


  3. Jeff,

    Never mind. The bookmarks feature works in worksheets just as well. Thanks!


  4. Jeff, Thanks for putting up the video. It was helpful!

    I did not realize that the bookmark feature was only available in the code editor. I am used to writing packages/procs via scripts in worksheets, as script files are tied to my subversion for version control. However, I am not sure if it makes sense to support bookmark in worksheet. Please kindly share your opinion.

    I have used 4 different tools over the past 15 years for Oracle development and DBA tasks. Starting from 3.x, I seldom had the urge of launching other tool(s) just for some particular features. I will for sure share with you our experience and wishes.



  5. Jeff,

    SQL Dev rocks! We are now totally converted. Thank you so much for keeping us informed and educated in addition to delivering this great product.

    I came across this blog as I was looking for proper ways to use the Bookmarks feature in my newly-installed 4.0.2. But I could not locate the video referenced here. Could you point me to where the video is?


    • Hey Bo!

      I wonder how long that video was missing from this post? Weirrrrrrrd. As you can tell, the post and the video are pretty old. So if you have questions about it afterwards, just let me know.

      If you don’t mind sharing, email me at [email protected] and tell me about your conversion story. It helps us make the product that much better for everyone else too.

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