Creativity isn't exactly my middle name (it's Daniel.)
It’s still me! That dude that spends a lot of time talking technology, databases, software, and the occasional bad joke.

I screwed up.

@BrentO told me 2 years ago that it’s better to use your real name on Twitter. And I didn’t listen to him. So now I get to take my medicine and go switch everything over to my new account – ThatJeffSmith. It’s not a coincidence that my new Twitter handle matches the domain name of my blog.

Why ‘That’JeffSmith? There are a lot of Jeff Smith’s out there! The disgraced politician, the comic book artist, authors and artists – the list goes on. Well I’m THAT Jeff Smith, the one that does the esoteric Oracle database stuff.

But Why Change at All?

I’d rather build my own brand versus trying to ride a particular product’s branding train. I want you to know me for me – someone who will go above and beyond to help you be more productive, and provide a few laughs along the way. I wonder if some of you even knew my name was Jeff? I’m trying to fix that now.

I may lose a few followers, but I think my potential to gain a lot more is waiting to be realized.

Stay tuned, more fun stuff coming up!


I'm a Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle. My mission is to help you and your company be more efficient with our database tools.


  1. “@BrentO told me 2 years ago that it’s better to use your real name on Twitter.” <—- Gosh… and I'm glad I don't use my real name! (But then again, I've been a spod for over 15 years, going by the name Boneist, so it's a fairly established identity!)

    • JeffS

      You go to some lengths to stay anonymous, and I totally respect that Mary.


  2. Now what about that link in the Twitter description. The one pointing to hillbillytoad.

    PS. New handle suits you. Less green and warty.

    • JeffS

      Yeah, I’ve got a few places to update. Going to take awhile…

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