So this was my 3rd Oracle Open World, and not much has changed in terms of my experience as a ‘booth boy’ in the Vendor Exhibition Hall. However a few things definitely got my attention. I will need to re-evaluate how I treat the opportunity to attend this conference going forward.

  • I should get registered as a blogger
  • I should attend the blogger meet-up
  • I should meet @jpiwowar in-the-flesh
  • I should wrangle my way into the Oracle.Closed.World ‘sessions’ at the Thirsty Bear
  • I should find a way to attend on my own dime, or clone myself.
  • I should start submitting presentations.
  • I should not leave the QSFT booth EVER because @oraclenerd does not appreciate having to hunt for me.
  • My biggest ‘miss’ was not attending the blogger meet-up, despite getting at least 3 personal invites. The opportunity to hang out with some Quest colleagues that I only see once or twice a year was just too much for me to pass up, but I am filled with some regret.

    My Two Foot-in-Mouth Moments

  • Told a customer that IBM had acquired Terradata
  • Congratulated @carymillsap on his new Eclipse plug-in
  • Considering that I was talking non-stop for the better part of 24 hours over 3 days, I think I could have done worse. Although our VP got quite a laugh out of the Terradata ‘story.’ If their stock price shoots up, then you can thank me.


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