I have never been really good at telling people ‘No.’ Let me clarify that – I have never been really good at telling people I work with ‘No.’ This trait put me in an interesting position recently when both @BrentO and @CHasker Instant Messaged me at work. Apparently I was the lucky guy to run Quest’s new Wiki/Blog site, OraDBPedia.

Our New Oracle Wiki
OraDBPedia - An Oracle wiki + Blogs

If you are plugged into the wacky world of SQL Server, then you know all about SQLServerPedia. SQLServerPedia is currently serving over 200,000 visitors each month and serves up some of the best blogs available for SQL Server professionals.

Quest Software has long been recognized as an authority when it comes to the Oracle Database. We want to share that expertise and promote best practices for Oracle professionals without any Quest Software product bias or sales-focus.

A Strong Running-Start
The site is launching with over 1,200 pages of Oracle content covering database development and administration topics. Not only that, but we have information for version 7 all the way up to version 11 of the database. Here’s an example covering the all-important SGA.

The beauty of a wiki is that the content can only get better as seasoned Oracle professionals enhance the content with their own war stories and strategies for fixing real problems in the real world. As the Editor, it will be my job to make sure the content remains trustworthy and SPAM-free.

My Mission
I have accepted the challenge to help identify and bring some of the most interesting and educational bloggers to OraDBPedia. We are not hosting blogs, we are syndicating them.

The benefit for syndicated bloggers is that we provide a platform where your name and your content will be available on a site that we will be promoting heavily to our Oracle product user base. Also, links from your blog posts on OraDBPedia will send readers to your blog/site, where the content will actually reside. The benefit for OraDBPedia is that we will be able to offer an element of the site that provides content from individuals in the community that offer valuable insight.

Not Another Toad Resource
In case you haven’t noticed, we have at least a half dozen sites to help our Toad users. As I mentioned earlier, the goal of OraDBPedia is to remain 3rd-party agnostic. We want to serve up content for the database, not Quest tools. So if you want to blog about Toad, that’s fine. We just won’t host that on OraDBPedia. I would be HAPPY to help you post that to our dedicated Toad site, just let me know.

If you’re ready to load-test your blog hosting service and join the team at OraDBPedia, please e-mail me at my work address: [email protected].


I'm a Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle. My mission is to help you and your company be more efficient with our database tools.

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