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    we want to use ORDS services as a paid service for the clients of our customer. To be able to know how many times a services has been called, we log in each service the request of the customer.
    Now we want to block the request when the customer has no more credits to call this service.
    For the put, post, delete operations, we are able to inject a plsql call to verify this and react as necessary.

    But how do we do this for a get-call? Is there a way to inject plsql logic, which writes data to the db, into a get call?

    Thank you in advance.

    Filip Huysmans

    • thatjeffsmith

      Use the prehook feature. That will get called for EVERY request. When your user exhausts their limit, kick in your logic. They’ll never even get to the actual ORDS code path if you return a FALSE from your prehook function.

      Apart from the Docs, some nice examples here from a customer.

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    Amin Adatia Reply

    SQL Dev 21.2.1 and also 21.2.0
    When trying to get the SQL for a Partitioned Table, there is nothing specifying the partition definition. This did not happen in 19.4.0


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    Yeah, so SQL Developer wasfreezing up with a message about “Comparing body to … something or the other”.
    So I put it into a Search Engine and I get this:
    So I disable “Supported Sync Spec and Body” in Preferences as you suggested there. Restart required.
    Guess what? It deleted ALL my passwords. I know, I know, I SHOULD have backups somehwere but .. UGH, wow, man. What the heck? I did NOT expect that.
    I have passwords that I can’t exactly get back very easily. The ones I really need. Of course.
    Wow. Is it supposed to work this way? Shouldn’t there be some kind of notice?
    Thanks again.
    – Mike Kemp

    • thatjeffsmith

      So I JUST tried this in 21.2, and after restart, all of my connections are still here.

      No, that’s obviously not supposed to happen. This was in version 21.2? It’s where I just tried your scenario as described.

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      Mike Kemp

      OK, thank you. I’ll update my version. Thanks again!!

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    Hi Jeff,
    Now that I know what you actually read this and respond, well. Huh … I can really have some fun!! Moohaha .
    Just kidding.
    Maybe not.
    On a serious note, though, I do have another bug to report.
    I am on, Build 407.0006.
    When I navigate from tab to tab using the keyboard (Ctrl + Tab), I have to fire a “Mouse Over” event on the tabs themselves to get the screen to update to show that a new tab is active.
    When the active tab is not showing as active, it is a bit confusing to know what you’re looking at on the screen.
    This may be an issue only when several tabs are open, and when the application has been running for some time. Not sure about those two points.
    I’ll stop there. If you need further clarification just let me know.
    Mike Kemp

    • thatjeffsmith

      reproduce it on 21.2 and let me know if it’s still a thing…you do that, I’ll file the bug for you 🙂

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    I’m trying to use sqlcl instead of SQL*Plus and having relative success on this attempt.
    Except for the fact that when I paste code that has CRLF line endings, sqlcl adds an extra new line.
    I know that if I use a text editor to convert text to LF it works.
    Is there any way to make it work without this extra step? i.e. to paste text that has CRLF as line endings directly to sqlcl and have it not adding extra lines between them?

    • thatjeffsmith

      we had an issue with extra line breaks in a recent release, but i’m not able to reproduce this in 21.3 which is due to go our SHORTLY. What version are you using?

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