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  1. Hi Jeff,
    I’ve been using the SQL Developer Real Time SQL Monitoring for a while now, but for some odd reason, on the same databases as I was working with previously, when I am in the monitoring window, it is not refreshing. Even if I manually click the Refresh button, nothing happens.
    As I look at the screen now, it is 16:06pm. Yet the SQL at the top, is 13:54pm. Auto refresh is set to 10s. The red pin is vertical, which I believe means not frozen. Anyway, even if I click it, and wait, still nothing changes!
    Even if I run something in the SQL worksheet, nothing changes in Real Time SQL Monitor.
    When I click the refresh button, it gets framed in blue but nothing changes.

    Any ideas??? Its driving me nuts.

  2. Marcus Rangel Reply

    Hi Jeff, I work in a lot of places and companies, and I need to keep track of the pl/sql code (versioning control and further comparisons) developed in each one of this places, I’m having some difficult to “save” this codes, especially the pl objects, I also tried to use the git integration, but I see that it is more efficient to deal with scripts, any sugesttion? I’am a great fan of your work, thanks in advance!

  3. Hi Jeff

    We have two servers with ORDS. Both have exact the same names and definitions of schema, modules, templates and handlers.

    If I try to reach the URL defined as “GET”-method on the first server, I get JSON and everything is OK. But if I try to reach similar URL (only name of host differs), I get 404.

    in APEX-interface I see all the modules and templates, and all results I get selecting from ords_metadata are the same. Just like at the first server. But at the first server It works, at the second – does not. I also tried to create new module, template and handler at the second server in the APEX-interface. I created them but request still gives 404.

    What we also tried: re-start ORDS, validate ords.war. Nothing helped.

    I also asked my ora-admin switch on the screen-debug. It says “dispatcher not found”. What does it mean? What should we do?

    • thatjeffsmith

      get the standard output from ords running on the 2nd server, will show same you would see when printing debug to screen

  4. Vivek Gupta Reply

    Hello Jeff – We are using standalone ORDS 19.1 and wondering if there is any way to display progress bar in browser while ORDS is running plsql code or dbms_scheduler jobs in background? Few of our APIs runs for 2-3 minutes and looking at empty white browser for 3 minutes is quite depressing!! and wondering if there is any way to get a progress bar to track the %age completion?


    • thatjeffsmith

      For long running requests better that your response be a 200 with a link to follow for status updates

  5. Hi Jeff

    I’m using SQL Developer Data Model 4.1.5 (907) and I’m facing some issues when generating the Relationald Model and Physical DDL . I’ve tried several sites and documentation but I could’n find yet an answer. I hpoe you can help me .

    The issues are :
    1) On Logical model I have two relationship for the same table, in a master-detail relationship. When generating te Relational model it is created two fields in the child table as the FK for the master table., as expected. However the detail table fields names are mastercode and mastercode1 , for instance. Then I change the names to and . The next time I generate the Relational model again those tw filds are renamed to the previous name mastercode and mastercode1.
    ==> How to avoid the relational model generation changes these names ?

    2) I use Sequence and table trigger on each table to generante my number primary keys values. In Relational Model on each table, in PK field properties “automatic increment” , I have to set the trigger style as ALWAYS because the default is WHEN NULL.
    ==> Is there a way to change the default trigger style to ALWAYS , instead of WHEN NULL ?
    ==> Is it possible to set the automatic increment property for the PK fields in Logical Model ? If so, how to do that ?

    Thank you so much for your instructions and directions !

  6. In my company, the SQL developer is widely used. Due to the standardization of our work, we want to use the same code templates for each developer. Is there a way to export and import the templates or outsource them to a shared file?

  7. Hi,
    It’s possible to exclude virtual hidden in Database diff tools from SQLdeveloper ?

    I think that Virtual hidden it’s a mechanism internal oracle when i use stats.

    I need to compare two schema in db but the result it’s alway different because virtual hidden appears.

    • thatjeffsmith

      the database packages we use for the ddl gen and DIFFs don’t offer anything to help with virtual columns, so you’ll need to remember to uncheck them in your reports to the alter scripts aren’t generated for those items

    • Thank for you feedback.

      In my case we have almost 100 tables, because virtual hidden and the others case because differents colums, types, etc.

      You advise me in the report to scroll each diff table and uncheck to be made by hand only vritual hidden ?

      You think that case can be add in next released, select option for ignore Virtual Hidden like storage, high values, etc ?

      Best regards

    • thatjeffsmith

      I would look for a different way to do your compares, that, and you need to raise an ER to the database team.

    • Hi Jeff
      Is there a way in the formatter to force a line break after a line comment? i see an option to add a line break before a comment, but couldn’t figure out how add a line break after a comment

      /*This is a line comment which describes what this next portion of code does.*/ example AS(
      MIN(post_date)AS min_post_date

    • Sorry Michel. I didn’t mean to post under your question

  8. Question: Is there a way to force a line break before semicolon (or statement delimiter) in SQL developer formatter?

    Background: I usually write my query without too much formatting and then press Ctrl+F7 to format it in a easy-to-read way, however I noticed that the auto-formatting usually delete the my line break before semicolon , so the semicolon will be at the end of last line in my statement after formatting. I found this a little inconvenient because when I comment out the last line, the semicolon would be commented out all together, result in execution error when I hit Ctrl+Enter to run the statement.
    I am using Version, looked through all the option in ‘Code Editor > Format’, but didn’t found a way to force line break before semicolon. Can you please help me with this? Much appreciated.

    • Hi Jeff,
      Just a reminder to see if you were able to check the question in the original post?

      Appreciate any help!

    • thatjeffsmith

      No I do not see a way to make this happen with the current formatter GUI for options, so you would need to remember to add the ‘;’ or select the query you want executed before hitting ctrl-enter…

  9. Anibal Lopez Reply

    Hi Jeff,

    Is there any new features for ORDS in SQL Developer 19.1 compare to SQL Developer version 18.4?

    And general are there new features in SQL Developer 19.1 that are not in SQLDeveloper version 18.4?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.



    • thatjeffsmith

      there are new features in sql developer 19.1

      there are new features in ords 19.1

      I don’t know of any new features in SQL Developer for ORDS in 19.1 though other than SQL Developer 19.1 now includes ORDS 19.1 vs ORDS 18.4

  10. Hi Jeff,

    For one particular use case I am considering using the autorest functionality.

    When doing an insert via POST I could not find a way to utilize an identity column and if I leave any columns out of the POST to try let them default or auto-populate in the case of the identity column I get an error as per below.

    Works fine when I define all columns values in the payload, wondering if this is a limitation of autorest

    Header:Error-Reason Cannot contain CRLF Charcters

    • IDENTITY Column is defined as below

      myid NUMBER generated by default as identity (nocache),

      This is with ords.

    • thatjeffsmith

      If it were BY DEFAULT ON NULL then you could send the body with

      And it will work.

      If that’s not possible, you’ll need to write a custom POST endpoint to do the INSERT for you, using your own SQL.

    • Overlooked that option thanks for the advice that will work.

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