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Debugging PL/SQL Collections Revisited

I talked about using the debugger to inspect a collection in PL/SQL using SQL Developer a few years ago. It’s been so long in fact that when Steven asked if I had a post on it, I said ‘no.’ We had gotten a question from a reader on how to look at collections while you’re […]

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Inspecting PL/SQL Collections with Oracle SQL Developer

Our stored procedures often capture information and store that data as a string or number. But sometimes we need to process more than just a single value. PL/SQL allows you to do this via collections. Now, if you’re looking for help getting started with collections, I would start with Using PL/SQL Collections and Records Oracle […]

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SQL Developer Debugging, Watches, Smart Data, & Data

After presenting the SQL Developer PL/SQL debugger for about an hour yesterday at KScope12 in San Antonio, my boss came up and asked, “Now, would you really want to know what the Smart Data panel does?” Apparently I had ‘made up’ my own story about what that panel’s intent is based on my experience with […]

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