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If You Oracle Then You Should Twitter Too

Kellyn PotVin-Gorman and I have delivered a social media talk at the RMOUG Training Days Conference two years running now. We have fun doing the presentation, because we have fun being active on social media. We want you to not miss out on what we get out of it every day. This morning I saw […]

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Why I Don’t Follow You

A quick disclaimer: I was inspired to write this post after reading AmberIsMe‘s take on why she doesn’t read your blog. It’s not personal. Actually, it is a little personal. That is the point of social media after all, right? Building personal relationships with folks you admire that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to in […]

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Goodbye hillbillyToad, Hello ThatJeffSmith!

It’s still me! That dude that spends a lot of time talking technology, databases, software, and the occasional bad joke. I screwed up. @BrentO told me 2 years ago that it’s better to use your real name on Twitter. And I didn’t listen to him. So now I get to take my medicine and go […]

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Bloggers want Comments, Tweeters want RTs. I want Both.

So you’re on Twitter. An interesting blog post rolls by. You click on it. You love it. You reward the author with a RT or even better, a Follow, or a reply on Twitter. The blog author, sees said Twitter response, and is like ‘Awesome!’ But secretly, they are disappointed. Why? Because what they really […]

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A Year on Twitter

After a year of tweeting my brains out for the past year, I have some data I could talk about Boring stuff, even meaningless one could argue. Number of followers, number of Re-Tweets, number of lists, my Klout (link) score – ALL BORING. When I try to convince someone to join Twitter, I never reference […]

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My Oracle Twitter List

Are you new to Twitter, and need people to follow to get the conversation started? If you work with Oracle, then please continue reading. Don’t forget to check out @BrentO’s Twitter Book! I harangued (definition) my colleague and close friend this morning until he relented in joining Twitter. He specializes in Oracle, so I thought […]

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How Much is Too Much?

So 2010 is the year of social media. Time’s Person of the Year was the Facebook dude, so that kind of makes it official. I have so many identities spread across all of these communities. How do I manage them all? For now I am taking care of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I suppose those […]

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My goto Oracle Resources

Someone suggested I document where, who, and what I use to get things done in my day-to-day dealings with all things Oracle RDBMS. Since I am very open to suggestion, here it is: Official Stuff Unofficial Stuff Twitter Folks Updated Dec 14, 2014 Oracle Docs Official Link Oracle’s official online documentation. I generally just ‘Google’ […]

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Social Media #FTW

Twitter came through for me in a big way again today. I’m constantly being asked why I do ‘the Twitter’, and this experience sums it up nicely. Updated 10-05-2010 First things first. # – denotes a hashtag, useful for finding/categorizing posts on Twitter FTW – acronym for ‘For the Win’, geeky way of saying ‘Woohoo!’ […]

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This Mostly Isn’t Goodbye, Mostly

I had to check out Brent’s LinkedIn account to see just how long he had been at Quest. Wow, 2.25 years. It was only about a year ago that I became aware of Brent’s presence. I actually can’t remember if I stumbled across his blog first or heard his name mentioned in a conference call. […]

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Why I do the Twitter|Yelp|Blogging

My friends, family, and colleagues are frequently asking me why I do Twitter. Or to be honest, when I ask if they are on Twitter, their response is less than enthusiastic. In fact, the most frequent response I get is either Rolling of the eyes, OR “I don’t need to tell people what I had […]

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I think it’s safe to say that the Twitter hashtag #SQLHELP has been an unqualified success. Why do our SQL Server friends have such a vibrant community on Twitter while us Oracle folks seem to be a bit resistant to all of this Web2.0 stuff? That’s largely a rhetorical question, although my gut tells me […]

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