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Trade Show/User Group Season

Think the NHL or PGA seasons are brutally long? Try keeping up with all of the SQL Server and Oracle events. The friendly folks in Denver, CO tend get the conference ball rolling with the Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group (RMOUG) Training Days event. I had the pleasure to attend a couple of years ago […]

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Advice for Oracle Open World Attendees

Updated for 2011! While I’m not going to Open World this year, I’ve never let a little thing like that keep me from giving someone my advice. Especially when it’s to strangers on the Internet! If I were attending as a developer/DBA, here are the things I would be doing: Put my Twitter handle on […]

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Tradeshows, How Not To Do It

Tradeshows, user groups, conferences, seminars are all used by vendors to meet with customers and hopefully increase the chance of a sale in the near future. I have been working these types of events since 1999. In that time, I have never seen a vendor resort to playing a feature length movie on the big […]

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