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What’s Your Favorite IDE for PL/SQL Programming?

I stumbled upon an interesting discussion in the ODTUG group on LinkedIn this weekend. A vendor is doing some research I suppose and wanted to know who enjoyed using what IDE and why. Here’s the original question: In your opinion which is the best IDE for PL/SQL programming and why? e.g. PL/SQL Developer, Toad, Oracle […]

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Oracle Discovery Tool?

My employer has a freeware utility you can run on your network to find and document instances of SQL Server. One of SQL Server’s primary advantages is also one of its primary disadvantages – you can spin one up in a manner of minutes. To grow deals at a company buying our SQL Server software, […]

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I am a Dirty Tool Pusher

A better title might be ‘Tools are Too Cool for School’ or ‘If you don’t use Tools You are Dumber Than a Caveman’ or…well, you get the idea I think. My focus of course falls squarely in the IT and RDBMS domain. It is also not a huge secret that I spend a lot of […]

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