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SQL Developer Trick: DropDown Vs Tree

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong per se with SQL Developer’s tree control for navigating your connection objects. As a matter of fact there are a few things to really admire about the tree implementation. Just in case you have NO IDEA what I’m talking about, here is the tree in all its glory. Scrolling […]

SQL Developer Data Modeler Quick Tip: Preferred Data Types

There are many data types to choose from when defining your table columns. The eighty percent rule tells us we can probably get away with a smaller subset of data types eighty percent of the time. Here is what the ‘TYPE’ control looks like in the modeler when defining a column: I was curious to […]

Stupid Copy & Paste Tricks

The Late Show with David Letterman used to have a bit called, ‘Stupid Pet Tricks.’ I quit watching because I prefer his Scottish and funnier future-replacement, Craig Ferguson. But I will take advantage of some Google-Fu to drive some traffic to ye olde blog (can you tell I’m in the UK this week?) So most […]

SQL Developer: Tastes Great, Less Filling?

The ‘Holy Grail’ of software tools is the environment where things are made easy, but not at the expense of usability or simplicity. You use a tool because it makes something ‘easier’, but some software products are anything but. SQL Developer is fairly scaled down. You have a few toolbars, several menus, and 2 driving […]

SQL Developer Quick Tip: Pretty It Up a Bit

No, not your code. I want you to take a quick look at the visual preferences for SQL Developer. In an earlier post I pontificated on the top 10 options to tweak before starting to use SQL Developer. Now once you have the tool operating the way you want, I think it’s time to make […]

SQL Developer Trick: Double-Click to Go Full Screen

No matter how many monitors you have or how large they may be, sometimes you just need more real-estate for your coding. You can have a whole lot going on in your IDE, and SQL Developer is no exception. Of course you can always close or hide the offending panels and windows, but then it’s […]

RMOUG’s Training Days Conference

On February 14-16, I’ll be at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado for RMOUG’s Training Days Conference. This is the largest regional Oracle User Conference in North America and attracts presenters from all around the country and the globe. I’ll be presenting: Presentation Name: SQL Developer Tips and Tricks for Developers Abstract: You use […]

SQL Developer Quick Tip: GOTO in the Schema Browser

It’s a relational database, so it’s only a matter of time before you stumble across an object that’s dependent on another object, right? If you are looking at a table in the browser, be sure to check out the ‘Dependencies’ page. This page displays the database objects that will be upset if the selected table […]

Scheduling Jobs with Oracle SQL Developer

DBMS_SCHEDULER is awesome. It’s flexibility is remarkable. From setting up execution windows to remote execution to automatic notifications, there is a LOT to like. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect. For developers and DBAs, it can be a real pain to type out 2000+ characters to simply create a job. Being able to have such a […]

SQL Developer Quick Tip: BLOBs and Images

Binary Large Objects – otherwise known as BLOBs. You’ve also got large objects which are composed of text – that would be a CLOB. If you hear people talk about LOB storage, they are referring to how the data in these fields are stored – outside the space reserved for the regular segments (table data.) […]

Top 10 Preferences to Tweak when using SQL Developer

There are too many options in our every day lives. We love asking for more options, but I often find myself being overwhelmed by the number of questions I have to answer before I can accomplish very mundane tasks. Do you want your latte ‘skinny’ or your cappuccino ‘wet?’ Waffle House customers are probably familiar […]

How To: Configure TABs in SQL Developer

As often happens, my ideas for blog posts are provided by end users asking for help. Sometimes I know the answer, sometimes I don’t. This is one of the latter cases. Chet AKA @oraclenerd asked me: ‘Tell me how to find the preference in sqldev to make a tab 2 spaces?’ I knew it had […]

SQL Developer Data Modeler Quick Tip: Hide and Resize

Ever seen a table with so many columns you wonder if the designer had fallen out of the de-normalization tree and had hit every branch on the way down? Oracle currently allows a max of 1,000 columns per table. Please do not test this limit. Maybe you do need that many columns, but I doubt […]

SQL Developer Quick Tip: The Recent Objects Panel

View – Recent Objects will show you a list of objects you have click into via the explorer. If you need to keep a diary of objects you’ve messed with for the day, then this might do the trick. No, it doesn’t track what you did to the objects, but it does leave some bread […]

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