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I made some small, but important changes to my SQL Developer Tips & Tricks slide deck.

  • changed up the order – the first two tricks ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT now
  • optimized for SlideShare – hopefully easier to consume in case I’m not there to narrate/live demo
  • added a few teasers for SQLcl

I really, really need about 90 minutes to do this session ‘proper’ in the real world. But, it will only take you a few minutes to skim through it. I advise you look for one or two things you can pick up and run with right away.

I even included a video tip in case you’re feeling too burnt out to read today.

Without further ado:

P.S. I never like to blog on Fridays, except for when I do 🙂

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Comments 4

    1. thatjeffsmith Post

      No, just go home tonight and look at it.

      I do have tips and tricks videos on my youtube page. And a recording from open world 2015. Lots of stuff out there.

  1. Jeff –

    Great tips & tricks. Does SQL Developer support code insight on the parameters in SQL procedures and functions within packages? For example, I have a procedure named MyProc() in package MyPkg.sql. When I type MyPkg.MyProc(… I’d expect a popup to appear, listing the input parameters to that procedure. Is this possible?

    1. thatjeffsmith Post

      it DOES, however….from what I can see on the latest 4.2 EA

      • it’s only available for pkgs in your current/logon schema
      • it doesn’t ‘hover’ the parameters, it puts the actual input variable names and data types at the cursor

      I’m talking to the developer now. In v4.1.5 it will do this for packages in your local schema exactly as you want.

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