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Advice on Finding Your Way Around a New Oracle Database

Received this query from a customer this morning… For your information, I’m average in SQL. What I would really like to know is if you can give me some tips regarding the use of Oracle SQL Developer in relation to a completely new database. So, are there functions/tools in Oracle SQL Developer which can help […]

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More Fun with Data Modeler Diagrams

Everyone likes pictures. Generate a report without any pictures, graphs, or charts and see how many ‘likes’ you get at work. Everyone gets excited about data modeling, and in some circles, folks think that data models are synonymous with diagrams. But really, the diagram is just the ‘pretty picture’ you add to your office report. […]

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Adding and Removing Objects from a SQL Developer Data Modeler SubView

SubViews are a sub-collection of model objects. They are very useful for breaking up very large designs into smaller, easier to digest pieces. If you need to brush up on the topic a bit, try these posts. I recently received a note from a user, we’ll call him ‘Galo’ – who was having problems figuring […]

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Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler: What Tables Aren’t In At Least One SubView?

Organizing your data model makes the information easier to consume. One of the organizational tools provided by Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is the ‘SubView.’ In a nutshell, a SubView is a subset of your model. The Challenge: I’ve just created a model which represents my entire ____________ application. We’ll call it ‘residential lending.’ Instead […]

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Selecting Related Objects in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

I loved Fred Rogers. He helped raise me. Nicest guy ever? So what does he have to do with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler? One word, ‘neighbors.’ I got a good question from a new user yesterday: Is there a quick way to add all the tables (to a subview) directly related to a specific […]

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Synching your Oracle SQL Developer Data Model with the Database

So you’ve been working on your data model, and you’re wondering how far ‘out of whack’ it is with the production or development database instance. Sometimes folks manage to compile changes into the database, bypassing your design process and rules. If you’re wondering how to compare 2 models instead of your model with the database, […]

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Importing Multiple Schemas to a Model in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

The schemas are automatically used to create default SubViews

Your physical data model might stretch across multiple Oracle schemas. Or maybe you just want a single diagram containing tables, views, etc. spanning more than a single user in the database. The process for importing a data dictionary is the same, regardless if you want to suck in objects from one schema, or many schemas. […]

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SQL Developer Data Modeler Quick Tip: Use SubViews

Modeling is cute when you’re in a class and the sample application is for a rotisserie league for fantasy football, or you need a shopping cart ordering system for online retail. You spend a few hours and might come up with several dozen tables. But what about in the real world when you are trying […]

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