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SQL Developer Video Tutorial: Split Those Grids

I’ve talked about how to make your really long sections of code easier to navigate by splitting your editors, but did you know we can make it easier to browse your tables and views too? No? Watch the movie then, you have 2 minutes to spare, yes? And seriously, don’t do the April Fool’s prank […]

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Floating Editors in Oracle SQL Developer v4

Working on a table? Maybe you need to investigate the stats while you also browse some data. But this is a BIG table. You know how to do the ‘split document trick,’ but that’s not quite cutting it. You need more screen real estate. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could drag that table viewer […]

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SQL Developer v4 Quick Hit: Split Worksheets

One of the cooler features SQL Developer offers is the ‘split document.’ If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please take 90 seconds and read this short post first. Ok, well that worked well for pretty much every type of editor in SQL Developer save one – the SQL Worksheet. Let’s say you wanted […]

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SQL Developer Quick Hit: Split and Side-by-Side Editors

Want multiple scratch pads for your queries? Have a hundred+ line stored procedure? Then here are two tips for you! Side-by-Side Worksheets To get started you’ll need at least two worksheets open. So something like this Next, you can either click and drag the 2nd worksheet tab to the right or underneath. If you drag […]

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