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SQL Developer version 4.2 Early Adopter 2 Now Available

Tons of bugs fixes based on your feedback, especially with the formatter. A few more changes with the formatter: we added more preferences for more flexibility we let you submit code to ‘shape’ the formatting preferences automatically we exposed the brains of the formatter so you can do pretty much whatever you want An example […]

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Your Favorite Oracle SQL Developer Trick, Animated.

I had the privilege of spending a few days in Argentina and Brazil last week presenting on all things SQL Developer. It turns out, they enjoy the very same tricks that folks everywhere else do – especially the split editors and multiple tab groups. Here’s what I’m talking about. This works for tables too! So […]

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REST Enabling Your Tables: Insert Rows via POST

One of the coolest features of Oracle REST Data Services v3.0 and higher, is the ability to REST enable your Oracle tables and views. You get a full REST api on your table – INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, Select with or without predicates and sorting, and getting metadata. You can also batch load records. I’ve talked […]

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Creating an Oracle REST Data Services User with the ‘SQL Developer’ Role

Want to publish some RESTful services using SQL Developer and Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS)? You’re in luck! View > REST Data Services > Development. Before you can do this, a few things. you’ll need to install and run ORDS you’ll need to REST enable a schema you’ll need to have created an ORDS user […]

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30 SQL Developer Posts in 30 Days, Day 30: Getting Your Data to the Web

You have a query. You run a query. Now how can I take that data and make it available in a web browser or application? Export as HTML You can of course export your resultset as HTML using the Grid, right mouse, Export, to HTML. This will give you something like this… Don’t forget the […]

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