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Average Run Time for Oracle Jobs

Starting with 10g and the introduction of DMBS_SCHEDULER, Oracle database began tracking and storing the execution duration of a job. By default this information is kept around for 30 days. You can of course change the logging level and the retention period for the job runs – read the docs! The job runs can be […]

Sweet Child Report O’ Mine

I am just getting my feet wet when it comes to the reports in SQL Developer. The tool itself has quite a lot going on, everything from a database IDE to a migration platform, to a data modeling component. And then throw in the reporting stuff. I’ve already covered how to build a simple bar […]

Simple Bar Chart Reports with SQL Developer

There are many good articles out there that go into detail for creating reports with Oracle SQL Developer. I was reading my predecessor’s write up in Oracle Magazine (May 2007) on the subject, and keyed into the following snippet: Building a Chart When creating a report with the Chart style, the rule of thumb is […]

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