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Preserving Line Breaks in Oracle SQL Developer 4

Ugly code, we all write it. I don’t mean bad code either, just hard to read code. Developers who haven’t figured out how to use the TAB and ENTER keys – what’s up with that? — and why is Jeff talking to himself in his Seinfeld voice again? So one of the features in SQL […]

‘Forcing’ Line Breaks in Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer is at its heart, an Interactive Development Environment (IDE.) So it comes with the territory that developers should expect to be able to write good code quickly. One of the many code ‘helpers’ that a good IDE will provide is a Formatter. Formatters, or code beautifiers as they’re also known, take poorly […]

Does SQL Developer Support ‘Word Wrap’ a la Notepad?

The quick answer: ‘Mostly.’ Simple question of the day – how do I get SQL Developer to word wrap like Notepad does? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then here’s a screenshot of some text before and after word wrap is applied in Notepad: No Word Wrap Word Wrap A SQL Developer Example […]

How To: Configure TABs in SQL Developer

As often happens, my ideas for blog posts are provided by end users asking for help. Sometimes I know the answer, sometimes I don’t. This is one of the latter cases. Chet AKA @oraclenerd asked me: ‘Tell me how to find the preference in sqldev to make a tab 2 spaces?’ I knew it had […]

SQL Developer Quick Tip – Leading Comma Formatting

Some folks find this hard to read [sql] SELECT a, b, c, d, e FROM table; [/sql] If your computed column code or column names are very long, they’ll often trail off the edge of the viewable screen. If you’re missing a comma somewhere, you’re bound to run up against an ORA-. You want to […]

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