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Generating Object DDL Scripts with Drop Statements

Is there a way for SQL Developer to generate a DROP statement when exporting the DDL for a table? Yes. The drop preference will be applied when generating the DDL for scripting purposes, but not for the table editor. So to get the table CREATE DDL script with a DROP TABLE command, right-click on your […]

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SQL Developer Data Modeler v3.3 Early Adopter: Link Model Objects Across Designs

The third post in our “What’s New in SQL Developer Data Modeler v3.3” series, SQL Developer Data Modeler now allows you to link objects across models. If you need to catch up on the earlier posts, here are the first two: New and Improved Search Collaborative Design via Excel Today’s post is a very simple […]

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Oracle SQL Developer v3.2 is Now Available!

Today we released the latest version of Oracle SQL Developer – v3.2.09.23. The official resources: SQL Developer on Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Release Notes New Features SQL Developer Forum I’ll showcase a few of my favorite new features and tweaks in the next several days and weeks, but I thought I’d kick things off right […]

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