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30 SQL Developer Tips in 30 Days, Day 9: You Only Need to Run One Copy at a Time

You know that thing where you’re sitting shotgun, or the horror – in the backseat – and you notice the driver doing something that drives you crazy? For me it was my best friend in college who refused to acknowledge that his car had 4 gears. He’d never shift out of 3rd gear. Somehow I’m […]

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On SQL Developer and TNSNAMES.ORA

Tnsnames.ora [DOCS] is a configuration file for SQL*Net that describes the network service names for the databases in your organization. Basically, it tells Oracle applications how to find your databases. This post is just a quick overview on how to get SQL Developer to ‘see’ this file and define a connection. There’s only a single […]

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Migrating Oracle SQL Developer Connections (with Passwords!)

So you just got your brand new machine at work. Party time, excellent*! Widgets And, your friendly neighborhood IT guy even moved over all of your softwares, including SQL Developer. But when you go to use it, none of your connections are there. Or maybe the connections are there, but the connection passwords ARE […]

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Organizing Connections with Folders in Oracle SQL Developer

How many Oracle databases do you work with on a regular basis? I’m guessing the answer for most of you lies between 1 and 500. This post is really geared for those of you who deal with more than just a handful (5) of database connections. Filters are nice when you need to work with […]

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