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30 SQL Developer Tips in 30 Days, Day 5: Connectivity Issues

The most frequently posted question when it comes to Oracle Database, HAS to be around connectivity. If you’re just starting out working with the database, not being able to connect to said database has to be a very frustrating experience. And for some reason our error messages tend to confuse folks even further. And not […]

Connecting to Oracle with SQL Developer using Bequeath

Bequeath is an interesting word. It’s hard to pronounce for starters, or at least it is for me. So if you want to trip me up during a seminar, ask me about how to connect to Oracle sans Listener. Then you’ll get to hear me try to say bi-ˈkwēth, -ˈkwēth, bē- from Merriam Webster Your […]

Getting started with SQL Developer in less than 5 minutes

It’s easy to forget that many people still have not discovered SQL Developer, or are just getting started. Many of my recent posts have been on advanced topics, hidden tricks, and productivity tips. I want to spend some time in the next few weeks helping the beginners out there. I can’t think of a better […]

I Just Wanna Connect to Oracle!

I have had quite a few SQL Server folks tell me their first experience with Oracle (database) was a very bad one. It’s easy to understand why. Microsoft makes it very easy to connect to SQL Server from a Windows OS. If you have installed SQL Server on your machine, you also get a very […]

Oracle Quick Hit: You Can Bypass TNSNames

Ever spin up a database for some quick and dirty work, and you JUST WANT TO CONNECT (!!) without going through the whole ‘add the service to your local TNSNames.ORA’ rigmarole (Oracle Net Configuration Assistant)? Oracle’s Net Configuration Assistant was one of the first JAVA powered GUIs I had run into as an Oracle user. […]

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