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Stereo Geek Stuff

We moved a few years ago, to a wonderful home in the heart of Cary, NC. Lots of things to love about the house, but the geek in me has been eyeing these sets of in-ceiling speakers littered throughout the house. The previous owner was a huge fan of classical music and NPR, and wanted […]

A Year on Twitter

After a year of tweeting my brains out for the past year, I have some data I could talk about Boring stuff, even meaningless one could argue. Number of followers, number of Re-Tweets, number of lists, my Klout (link) score – ALL BORING. When I try to convince someone to join Twitter, I never reference […]

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Must Have Scripts

My former boss, and current friend, bought an Android phone for himself and his wife last week and asked me for a list of my must-have apps. I’ll list them here for the morbidly curious, but that got me thinking – what are my must-have scripts for managing my Oracle database? I know we’re supposed […]

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Social Media #FTW

Twitter came through for me in a big way again today. I’m constantly being asked why I do ‘the Twitter’, and this experience sums it up nicely. Updated 10-05-2010 First things first. # – denotes a hashtag, useful for finding/categorizing posts on Twitter FTW – acronym for ‘For the Win’, geeky way of saying ‘Woohoo!’ […]

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doubleTwist Review

One of the downsides to moving off the Apple technology platform for your mobile device is not being able to use iTunes to mange your media content on said mobile device. Enter doubleTwist! I have received two recommendations to try out the program after bemoaning the ‘drag and drop’ methodology of synching content to my […]

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HTC Incredible Review

After waiting nearly six weeks to receive my Incredible, I can honestly say it WAS worth the wait. Updated: Friday, July 16, 2010 Two Weeks Later… I have had very few problems with the phone and have been able to successfully navigate around them. The very first problem was with activation. Phone would not activate […]

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I Have the Money to Buy My MacBook Pro, but…

Updated 3/16/2014, Full disclosure: I picked up a 13″ MacBook Air this week I’m not sure I want it anymore. No, I do still want one, but the annoying voice in the back of my head has all but shut up. I know what you’re thinking, somewhere an angel has just lost it’s wings because […]

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