Oracle SQL Developer v4.2 Is Now Available

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Today is the day! We have new releases of both SQL Developer and SQL Developer Data Modeler.

click here for SQLDev 4.2

I’ve been talking about v4.2 tweaks and enhancements for awhile now, and here’s the full list if you want to go back and review.

I’d like to share a few highlights though.

But first, FULL STOP. Go click that big button to the top and left.

Ok, let’s continue.


I’d like to thanks the entire community for all the feedback, especially those of you who provided test code to exercise the new formatter. We made a few changes since the Early Adopter 2 update – tons of bug fixes, and tweaked the options a bit more based on your feedback.

With 4.2 now live in production, if our parser (and accordingly our formatter) doesn’t understand your code, we just won’t format it. In the EA’s we printed comments that showed the code bits we didn’t understand. For v4.2 production you should just see the parser ‘squiggle’ indicating where the code isn’t being interpreted correctly. Please share your code samples with MOS and the community if you think that’s a bug.

Make your code, pretty.

Some things of note:

  • The preferences have moved AND changed from version 4.1. They’re now under the Code Editor page, and should also be simpler to understand now.
  • There’s a ‘simple’ mode, and advanced mode, and an uber-expert mode.
  • In advanced mode, you can format your code by hand, paste it into the preferences, and we’ll auto-detect how you want your code to look going forward.
  • In uber-expert mode, you can tell the formatter exactly what to do to your code. Our developer Vadim has a couple of blog posts showing how to do this with examples.
formatter preferences in oracle sql developer

Type code, as the formatter sees ‘stuff’ it changes the formatting options – these are highlighted in Green so you can see what’s changed.

Instance Viewer

Not a new feature – we first introduced the Instance Viewer in version 4.1. But we now offer a ‘Top SQL’ report. See your expensive queries, and drill down into them to see what’s going on or fix them.

sql developer top sql animated gif

Pretty colors, plus some interesting bits of data.

The licensing prompts on the drill down report let’s you know that the SQL Tuning Advisor and Run time history reports require the tuning and diagnostic packs, respectively. If you don’t click on those reports, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Everything the Instance Viewer hits on the main panel is of the ‘no additional cost’ data dictionary views category.

Easy Peasy Password Resets

No more requiring an Oracle Client to change your database passwords when you’re not already connected. Maybe the most compelling reason to upgrade your end users.

More details here.

right click connection to reset password in oracle sql developer

Yup, this one.

12c Release Two Enhancements

We support big-ole object names now.

You CAN do this. Not sure you SHOULD do this though.

And you can create Analytic Views too!

And the Multitenant option got a lot of upgrades. Among them, Application Containers. We support those too.

Go to the DBA panel for your CDB.

New to 12cR2? Did you know our VirtualBox VM was upgraded to 12.2? Also has APEX 5.1 and ORDS 309 for ya.

Speaking of ORDS…

You can now manage your RESTful Services directly in the database connection tree! This is much easier than setting up your ORDS Dev user connection. You’ll see the new REST item in the tree, and I talk about this here.

oracle rest data services modules

Note the ‘REST Data Services’ item on the tree.

And the Modeler!

I think the biggest two changes of note are the ability to include your diagrams in your HTML and PDF reports AND the ability to now store your repository in GIT.

On the diagrams, you can ask to include them in your reports AND you can just directly print them to HTML/SVG.

File..Print Digram…

And we get..

sql developer data modeler diagram html


Et cetera and potpourii

This marks the end of the SQL Developer version 4.X releases. We’re moving towards a quarterly release schedule to synchronize up with our Database Cloud Services updates. So our next version will start with a 17 – for 2017, then quarter (1,2,3,4), then week.

This release also ships with the fewest known number of bugs…ever…for a SQL Developer release. We hate bugs. So we tried to kill ’em all. I’m sure you’ll find some more. Let us know. We’ll be able to release updates more frequently, getting you bug fixes that much faster.


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Comments 23

  1. Thanks for the new release.
    Hovering on star in order to expand all query columns in the projection does not work any more.
    Bug or feature?

    1. thatjeffsmith Post
      1. Thanks for double checking.
        It works for me in, but not in, nor the … strange …

        1. thatjeffsmith Post
  2. Is there a way of turning of comparing subprograms. In 4.2 on large packages this seems to be running a lot and stopping me from editing code. Thanks

    1. thatjeffsmith Post

      Preferences – Code Editor – Supported Gutter Navigation…and maybe also Supported Sync Spec and Body

      There were no changes in this area from 4.1.5 to 4.2 though, that I know of.

  3. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for the new release, I really like the new Formatter options!
    On the other hand,are there any chance you will implement a vim-like keybindings for the Code Editor in the funture? Something similar to the vim plugin for IntelliJ editors.

    Daniel Nyeste

    1. thatjeffsmith Post
      1. Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, I’ve set up and use the external editor function already (thanks to your post), but it’s just … cumbersome.


        1. thatjeffsmith Post
    1. thatjeffsmith Post
        1. thatjeffsmith Post
  4. Love the new versions … .apart from the DBA frontpage. I am simply not able to read the page properly ….. with the grey and light blue ? (age 56). Is it possible to custmize the font colors ?

    Almost same problem with Apex 5 …. new and modern responsive …. but not user friendly


    1. thatjeffsmith Post
  5. Thanks for the write up! Is there any walk through on how to use the data modeler with GIT? I have been doing this manually for a while outside of sql developer, and after playing with the new release been unsuccessful in using git inside sql developer.


    1. thatjeffsmith Post
      1. Jeff, Are you sure about Modeler and Git? I’ve heard that it is not supported yet as SVN is supported i.e. from within the Modeler’s object comparison dialogues and it is not on the list yet. Are you saying that there is a workaround presenting the Git repository as SVN for the modeler? The only workaround I know is using where the local check out is SVN and the remote repository is Git. If you know a more direct, better workaround, it would be great to hear about the steps to set up.

        1. thatjeffsmith Post

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