Kellyn PotVin-Gorman and I have delivered a social media talk at the RMOUG Training Days Conference two years running now. We have fun doing the presentation, because we have fun being active on social media.

We want you to not miss out on what we get out of it every day.

This morning I saw a tweet/blog post from Oracle ACED Scott Spendolini of Oracle APEX fame…

It’s a great post, please go read it.

I really do feel like I’m screaming at people that aren’t in the room sometimes.

So I took a subset of our Social Media slides and cut it down to JUST cover Twitter, and I expanded that topic a bit more. I’ll let Kellyn post the official deck from our RMOUG talk…

So, are you going to Twitter now? Or are you going to stay away because of TMZ and Bieber?

For some reason SlideShare ‘ate’ my Twitter List link…here are those Oracle people I’ve found out there. If you want added, just let me know.

Not to be a One-Upper…

Scott did a similar experiment for APEX, you’ve seen that if you read his post like I asked you to. I figured I’d try something similar for SQL Developer and database stuff in general.

Feel free to RT that 🙂


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  1. I follow twitter mainly to discover new articles from authors not on my feed reader, and to hear interesting Oracle product announcements.

    For Q&A I use stackoverflow, it’s a much better platform for that purpose.

    As far as following the social aspect, unless they’re regarding a local conference, it’s not very interesting. I agree with Gary, most of the social banter is from 14h ago, and if you reply by mistake you’re like that guy who comes up with a witty retort – the following night; and pops around while everyone’s asleep just to say it 🙂 But it doesn’t matter – twitter serves its purpose for me personally and I’m fine with that.

  2. I found twitter to be worse than useless to be frank.
    From (this side of) Australia, you’d get fragmented, partial conversations in reverse chronological order all several hours out of date.

    When was the last time you did a search and it came back with a Tweet as the answer ? As blogging dried up as twitter expanded, the community lost out.
    Yes, it will work well for the in-crowd, those who make the effort to keep social with those on the popular table, those who work for companies that support them going off to attend or speak at conferences. But it doesn’t put information out there for the vast majority working with Oracle.

    • I follow quite a few folks from your neck of the woods. Have you tried it lately?

      Twitter is about real time conversations, I never Google Twitter…

      Who said blogging dried up? I see Oracle folks starting blogs all the time.

      And finally, if you want to attend a conference, find an employer who doesn’t suck. They do exist.

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