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We have to rename Oracle SQL Developer – there’s not enough ‘Oracle’ in the name! So, I’d like to crowdsource some ideas.

Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Oracle SQL Developer for Oracle
  • Oracle SQL Developer Unbreakable
  • Oracle We Can’t Believe It’s Not Chargeable SQL Developer

Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day, again.

Yes, I’m out of blog ideas.

Yes, I’m probably in trouble.

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  1. I would like to see you blog about how to set the SQL Developer code formatter to upper-case keywords and lower-case identifiers 😉

      1. thatjeffsmith Post
    1. thatjeffsmith Post

      Just go to Preferences, Code Editor, Completion Insight, Change Case As You Type > ‘Upper Keywords’

      SELECT * FROM scott.emp;

      Then just type out your identifiers in lower case and all will be right with the world.

      1. That’s right, but what if I want to format existing programs that have upper or mixed case identifiers? Can I please get one more option in that combo box: ‘Upper keywords, lower identifiers’? Please! 🙂

      2. thatjeffsmith Post
  2. Oracle SQL Developer for Oracle and other not-to-be-named non-Oracle databases that you should be converting from

    Oracle SQL Developer for Oracle Developers who want to convert non-Oracle databases to Oracle for development

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