More Column Copy Tricks in Oracle SQL Developer

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I normally don’t blog on Sundays. But I was going through our Exchange, triaging your enhancement requests, and I found one that is ALREADY in the product. Actually I found a dozen or so that are already in the product, but I thought I’d talk about this one in particular.

From Describe (Shift-F4) allow “Copy column names to clipboard” like SomeOtherTool

For example, I want to clone one or more existing records in a table, but replacing certain columns with something else:

SELECT a+10000 AS  new_a, NULL AS new_b, c, d, e, f
FROM mytable;

Or when writing PL/SQL code to insert into a table, I want to explicitly list the column names, then provide the values:

insert into mytable (a,b,c,d,e,f) values (cur.a, cur.b, cur.c, cur.d, cur.e, cur.f);

This is slow to hand-code when my table has 20 or even 100 columns

So yeah, we can do that. Popup your DESC window (SHIFT+F4) and copy. Here’s a little demo.

Copying Column names from a DESC popup window

Copying Column names from a DESC popup window

PS Please document your requests as much as possible.

The more vague you make your requests, the easier it is for me to say, ‘yeah we already do that.’ Not that I have a problem with this, but I want you to get what you want, not what I THINK you want.

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