Quick Tip: Snapshot Findings and ADDM Reports in SQL Developer 4

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One of our bigger new features for version 4 is our new support for the Database Diagnostic Pack. We have a new interface for your ASH, AWR, ADDM reports, and snapshots, baselines, etc.

I want to show you a quick navigation trick today: how to quickly go from snapshots with findings to the actual ADDM findings report.

First things first: open your snapshots list.

First things first: open your snapshots list.

On the DBA tree, click on the Snapshots node. Don’t expand the node, click on the top level node itself. This will give you a list of all of your snapshots.

You can now sort by ‘ADDM Findings,’ and find all of your ‘YES’ items.

Then click on the hyperlinked blue ID text – this will open that particular snapshot.

Then you can click on the ADDM report hyperlinked blue ID text, and then toggle to the ‘ADDM Report’ tab.

Bonus tip: I’ve created 2 additional document tab groups so you can see all three editors at once in the screenshot above.

If in doubt, check your licenses.

If you don’t know if you have licensed the Enterprise Edition Diagnostic Pack features, please check your contracts and the fine print before using this feature in SQL Developer.

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