Oracle SQL Developer v4 is Live & Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Today!

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And so is Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.0...

And so is Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.0…

A new version of Oracle SQL Developer has been officially released. Oracle developers, DBAs, and data professionals will find that v4.0 is perhaps our best release yet.

Of course, we always say that πŸ™‚

So here’s 10 reasons to go upgrade.

10. Version 3.2 is more than a year old.

Version 3.2 was released last November. Tens of thousands (maybe more!) of man and woman-hours have gone into the making of version 4.

9. New framework and updated look and feel.

The code ‘under the covers’ has been greatly improved. Some java developer feature favorites from Netbeans have been integrated, and the JDeveloper team has put in some nice improvements when it comes to working with core editor features like search and replace and the editors.

8. GIT

Integrated GIT support. So now you have the option to running with Subversion or GIT out of the box with SQL Developer.

7. Reports are brand new.

If you liked reports before, you’re going to love them now. Faster editors, preview your reports while you design them, and many many more charting options.

6. New Command Line Interface

Like a report? Want to have it run from a batch script? Now you can do that.

5. Finding stuff in the database is that much easier.

The Find DB Object feature has been greatly enhanced. It also now has it’s own main toolbar button, and a new editor keyboard shortcut, ALT+G. Select some text, say ‘DEPARTMENT’ in an editor and try it now. Way cool stuff.

4. Java 7

Java 6 was getting a little long in the tooth. We now officially support Java 7. Our Early Adopter users have been telling us the application is running better and more efficiently than before.

3. Better Connection Management

You can color code your connections now. When opening a new worksheet or report that requires a connection, existing live connections are defaulted to the top. Reconnecting ‘orphaned’ connections should be more reliable.

2. Lots and lots of dead bugs.

We love killing bugs. We killed a bunch of them in the past 18 months or so. It’s bad that they existed in the first place, but we are human after all. Will there be bugs in this version? Yes, but I think way fewer than otherwise – thanks again to our thousands of beta testers who downloaded the Early Adopters and provided feedback. They made v4.0 a much more robust release.

1. Get a leg up on the competition.

It’s the end of the year. Time for budget planning for 2014 and beyond. Be that person who shows initiative, provides value to the team, and helps make everyone that much stronger. I think Oracle SQL Developer version 4.0 provides such a boost to productivity over v3.2 and previous versions, that you have an opportunity to use this as a way to differentiate yourself.

0. Bonus: New Integrated Support for Oracle Diagnostics Pack.

Under the DBA tree, the performance node gives you access to ASH, ASWR, ADDM, your snaphots, baselines, and more!

I didn’t want to turn this post into link bait, but I will leave you with this – all of my new 4.0 feature posts.

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