A Sneak Peek: Oracle SQL Developer Version 4.0

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In a few weeks I’ll be speaking at the Database Symposium at the ODTUG KScope13 conference. My topic, ‘SQL Developer v4.0’ will be one of the first times I spend an entire hour showing off our new features in the upcoming release.

While not yet publicly available, and while I can’t comment on when that will change, I can say we’re getting closer 🙂

I thought I would reward my loyal readers with a quick ‘sneak-peek’ here first. I don’t say ‘thanks!’ enough, but thank you so much for all of the comments and feedback you folks share here. It really does help us make a better product for all of our users.

So I’ll let the picture do the talking here. And if you’ve been paying close attention to post pictures from the past few months, you may have noticed other changes coming down the pipeline!

A few minor tweaks that could save you a lot of time...

A few minor tweaks that could save you a lot of time…

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