Searching Your PL/SQL Source with Oracle SQL Developer

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Version 3.2.1 included a few tweaks along with several hundred bug fixes. One of those tweaks was the addition of ‘ALL_SOURCE’ as a selection for the Type drop down in the Find Database Object panel.

Scroll ALL the way down to the bottom

Searching the database for your code or objects can be expensive. The ALL_SOURCE view comes in pretty handy when I want to demo how to cancel long running queries or the Task Progress panel – did you know you can manage all of your long running queries here?

Yeah, don’t run this

I pretty much hosed our demo pod at Open World b/c I ran that same query but added an ORDER BY b.TEXT DESC to the query and blew up the TEMP space and filled the primary partition on the image. Fun stuff.

Anyways, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, searching ALL_SOURCE can be expensive. So we took it out of the product for awhile. And now it’s back in. If you select the ‘ALL’ field, it doesn’t actually search EVERYTHING, because that would probably be less than helpful. So if you want to search your PL/SQL objects for a scrap or bit of code, use the ‘ALL_SOURCE’ option in v3.2.1

Click on the search results to go to the code you’re looking for.

Be careful what you search for. Just like any query, it could take awhile.

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