SQL Developer Trick: Renaming Your Worksheets

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After a VNC session with the always brilliant @bamcgill, I now know how to rename a worksheet.

Worksheet names are based on the connection name they are attached to

So when you open a worksheet, it’s attached to a database connection. The worksheet name is a property, and it defaults to the connection name. So you DO you have a lot of control over the worksheet name. This is the primary reason I advocate using well thought out names for your connections.

But maybe you want to take a screenshot of a worksheet and not show where you’re connected. Or maybe you have 5 worksheets open and you want to be able to give them a logical name for easier navigation.

Just because there’s no ‘Rename’ available in the worksheet tab context menu, doesn’t mean you can’t do it 🙂

And the Trick Is…

SET worksheetname NAME


And because I know someone will ask, ‘Yes, you can do this too.’

Single and double-quoting your worksheet names will work

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