Grants Now Included in SQL Developer SQL Pages

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Quickly copying objects to a new environment is easy in SQL Developer. You simply go to the object in the tree and access the SQL page.

Get the DDL to re-create your objects on the SQL page

However a few of our users were complaining that we weren’t including the object privileges that had been GRANTed in the SQL script. So after re-creating the object in another system, they would have to look at the Grants page and manually recreate those scripts.

WHO can do WHAT to my beer, <cough>, table?

So in version 3.2, you can now include the GRANT statements in your object scripts.


You now have the code necessary to recreate your object privileges

But Wait, I Still Don’t See My Grants!

There’s no trick here. But, you must first tell SQL Developer what you want included in your scripts. Whenever SQL Developer generates a script for an object, it consults the preferences.

Ensure that ‘Grants’ is checked to generate your privilege statements

Another very small change that I believe will vastly improve the end user’s experience – and save you a lot of time!

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