Stupid Copy & Paste Tricks

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The Late Show with David Letterman used to have a bit called, ‘Stupid Pet Tricks.’ I quit watching because I prefer his Scottish and funnier future-replacement, Craig Ferguson. But I will take advantage of some Google-Fu to drive some traffic to ye olde blog (can you tell I’m in the UK this week?)

So most folks GET copy and paste in Windows and Mac. Ctrl or Apple + C for copy, and + V for paste.

In SQL Developer if I do this in a grid, I can get my data out onto the clipboard.

Most folks are OK with this, and here’s what it looks like:

Copying Data Out of a Grid WITHOUT Column Headers

Copying JUST the data with Ctrl+C

Everyone gets this.

What folks need a little help figuring out is how to do the same operation BUT

WITH Column Headers

Throw a SHIFT into your Ctrl+C, get the column headers too!

The magical mystery keystroke sequence is

Ctrl + Shift + C

That’s it.

This works on a single cell or row selection as well.


7566 JONES MANAGER 7839 02-APR-81 12.00.00 2975 20

My pug in his natural state.

For what it’s worth, my dog, Bart the pug, only does one trick. He goes crazy if you don’t give him a doggie-treat when leaving or entering the house. What an awesome dog.

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