Bloggers want Comments, Tweeters want RTs. I want Both.

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So you’re on Twitter. An interesting blog post rolls by. You click on it. You love it. You reward the author with a RT or even better, a Follow, or a reply on Twitter.

The blog author, sees said Twitter response, and is like ‘Awesome!’

But secretly, they are disappointed.


Because what they really wanted was a RT AND for you to leave your comment on their blog. Because comments on a blog let other people know that your blog post is interesting. Interesting enough to leave comments at least.

I am a blogger and a Twitterer. I want both.

And what do I do, when I read an awesome blog? I do the Twitter thing.

Maybe 1 out of 10 times do I bother to leave the comment on the blog.

Baaaaaaaad Jeff.

Do as I say, not as I do, right?

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