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I think it’s safe to say that the Twitter hashtag #SQLHELP has been an unqualified success.

Why do our SQL Server friends have such a vibrant community on Twitter while us Oracle folks seem to be a bit resistant to all of this Web2.0 stuff? That’s largely a rhetorical question, although my gut tells me it’s a generation/age gap issue…

Anyway, I’m making it my personal mission to bring a similar construct to the Oracle camp on Twitter. Here’s my plan:

  • Promote the #OracleHelp hashtag to all of my followers
  • Search for Oracle tweets and answer with the hashtag
  • Encourage Twitter as a legitimate medium for getting help with Oracle

Are you ready to join the cause?

PS My Twitter handle may be ‘hillbillyToad’ with a capital ‘T’, but my intent here to leverage the Oracle knowledge on-line and not sell Toad. Plus we can help those that poor Tom Kyte doesn’t have time to get to.

PPS Where in the world is Tom Kyte on Twitter?

PPPS New to Twitter? Check out my counterpart in the SQL world at Quest’s post on helping DB folks on Twitter.

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