SQL Developer 4.2 Oracle Execution Plans – More Columns Available

Someone on the Forums (yes, we read and respond!) noticed they couldn’t add Bytes or Time to their plan displays in Oracle SQL Developer. So we just made all of the columns available now, even if a few them might not make sense, i.e. TEMP_SPACE, OTHER. Preferences – Database – Autotrace/Explain Plan New things highlighted/boxed… […]

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Top 10 Posts of 2016

Happy 2017! Here are your 10 favorite posts from last year. 1. Exporting Multiple Tables to Multiple Excel Spreadsheets Want 6 tables’ worth of data to go to single Excel file? Or one table per file? Here’s how to do that. 2. Oracle SQL Tuning Advisor and SQL Developer Own the Tuning Pack? Have SQL […]

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SQL Developer version 4.2 Early Adopter 2 Now Available

Tons of bugs fixes based on your feedback, especially with the formatter. A few more changes with the formatter: we added more preferences for more flexibility we let you submit code to ‘shape’ the formatting preferences automatically we exposed the brains of the formatter so you can do pretty much whatever you want An example […]

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Quick SQL – A New Way to Generate Objects in APEX 5.1

Oracle Application Express on APEX.ORACLE.COM was upgraded to v5.1 last week. One of the new things coming in v5.1 is a new packaged app called ‘Quick SQL.’ VP of Development Tools Mike Hichwa demonstrated it at UKOUG Tech 16 this month, and the audience seemed to eat it up. Basically, it allows you to use […]

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Oracle as a Document Store {JSON} and Oracle SQLcl

JSON – it’s the new whiz bang. JavaScript has taken off, and you don’t need to take my word for it. And with JavaScript comes JSON. There are so many libraries on GitHub that are about turning data into really slick web and mobile applications. We have our own set of libraries available – have […]

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Custom SQLFORMATs with SQLcl

When I make jokes about copying and pasting code from StackOverflow or Github, I’m not really joking. But in this case, it’s OK. Because, I’m copying and pasting code from OUR GitHub project, AND my boss wrote the code. A question came in, and it’s come in a few times, but here’s the most recent […]

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