Tailing the Alert Log with SQLcl

Hopefully you’ve heard about the new SQL*Plus we’re building. And hopefully you’ve heard about the new REPEAT command we put into it yesterday. Here’s a quick example of how to build a little ‘monitor’ in just 2 commands, a total of 5 lines of code. The SQL SELECT To_Char(Originating_Timestamp, ‘DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SSxFF’) Time_Entry, substr(message_text, 0, 75) […]

SQLcl: Run a Query Over and Over, Refresh the Screen

I was going to talk about our new IMPORT command in SQLcl. This will allow you to feed a delimited text file of data to our command line interface and have it automatically imported to a table. But Kris Rice beat me to it. Woo-hoo, less work for me So go read that now. If […]

Generating Table DDL via SQLcl, with and without Storage Clauses

We’re getting much closer to having Oracle SQL Developer version 4.1 ready for release – which includes SQLcl, our new command-line interface for Oracle Database. Just a quick reminder in case you’re too lazy to click to that other post: We’ve taken our existing Java based SQL*Plus script engine from SQL Developer, and built a […]

Quick Hit: Number of Rows Returned By a Query

Question: How can I make SQL Developer display the number of rows returned by a query? Answer: Execute the query, and fetch all the rows. But I’m not seeing it! and fetch all the rows. This part is important. Execution using ctrl+enter executes statement, and returns the FIRST ‘fetch’, by default of 50 records. First […]

More Fun with Data Modeler Diagrams

Everyone likes pictures. Generate a report without any pictures, graphs, or charts and see how many ‘likes’ you get at work. Everyone gets excited about data modeling, and in some circles, folks think that data models are synonymous with diagrams. But really, the diagram is just the ‘pretty picture’ you add to your office report. […]

Exporting SQL Developer Reports/Grids to PDF

You can save query results or any other grid in SQL Developer as a PDF. You don’t get much in terms of saying how the generated PDF should look – Said PDF file: But I have some important info in here, and it should look a bit nicer. Save Your Query As A Report And […]

On Installs and Updates of SQL Developer

As we get nearer to releasing our next update for Oracle SQL Developer, there are a few FAQ’s I’d like to answer. When IS version 4.1 going to be available? Soon. Will there be a Windows download available that includes a JDK? Yes, there will be a 64-bit bundle available. Why are you making us […]

Generating Object DDL Scripts with Drop Statements

Is there a way for SQL Developer to generate a DROP statement when exporting the DDL for a table? Yes. The drop preference will be applied when generating the DDL for scripting purposes, but not for the table editor. So to get the table CREATE DDL script with a DROP TABLE command, right-click on your […]

How to Share Reports

Reports are one of my favorite features. If you don’t use them in SQL Developer, please read this. The user interface for user defined reports is very simple in SQL Developer. Maybe even, too simple? Sometimes I tell folks to save and/or copy their reports around. And it’s not exactly apparent how to do this […]

SQL Developer: Wearing of the Green

In honor of today’s holiday, a hat tip to our Irish friends! Spot the places I’ve configured SQL Developer to show green I can spot 7 different spots in the above screenshot where I have configured SQL Developer or manipulated the output to show the color green.

Customizing File Extensions for Your PL/SQL Code

You may wish to store your PL/SQL code in files with file extensions other than our defaults. We ship with .klr, .pkb, .pkh, .pks, .plb, .pls as associated file types for our PL/SQL editor and for opening said files on your machine with SQL Developer. But maybe at XYZ Incorporated, you keep your package bodies […]

Continued Improvements to [Code] Completion Insight

A few weeks ago I published a story highlighting all of the different ways SQL Developer can help you with your code. That post generated a lively discussion around this: Pre Version 4.1 Let’s try that again: Version 4.1 Early Adopter 2, specifically We’re also making sure to sort the local schema objects ALWAYS to […]

Software Updates! SQL Developer, Data Modeler, ORDS, & SQLcl EA2’s Now Available

Our team pushed a TON of updates – fixes and new features – this afternoon. SQL Developer 4.1 EA2 SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.1 EA2 Oracle REST Data Services EA2 SQLcl updated 3/9/2015 (it’s listed after the SQL Developer downloads) What time is it? I have much, much, much more to say on these products […]

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