SQLDev: The T-Shirt

A good friend of mine, Chet Justice, has created a brand known as ORACLENERD. There’s a great story behind this, but basically all the proceeds go to support the medical needs of his daughter.

I currently own:

I recently ‘commsisioned’ the creation of ‘The SQLDev.’ Modeled after an old school Star Trek uniform, we have our Oracle SQL Developer logo on the upper left corner of the tee, and you have the standard ORACLENERD lettering on the back.

Wear your geek badge with pride!
Wear your geek badge with pride!

Please note that this does not represent an endorsement of ORACLENERD from Oracle. But it sure as heck represents an endorsement from me. Chet is awesome, his daughter is awesome, and I like nerdy t-shirts.

Why #SQLDev?

#SQLDev is the Twitter hashtag I use when posting new content regarding Oracle SQL Developer. It’s geeky, fits better on the t-shirt, and doesn’t present any legal issues 🙂 Plus Twitter is where I first ‘met’ and learned to love Chet.

Show Your Support!

If you decide to buy one, please show your support by liking ORACLENERD on Facebook and sending in a picture of you wearing the item. Chet likes to rotate these on his website. And of course don’t forget to buy one to wear to your next Oracle conference or tradeshow. I’ll be wearing mine at RMOUG, KSCOPE, and Open World this year 🙂