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    “Did you ever try the code templates? You can pull them up by name…”

    Yes I use that as well for frequent used script and nice feature for quickly insert the code if you remember the name. but it is for different purpose. By the way, code template doesn’t offer search feature as well.

    I have hundreds of snippets saved in sqldeveloper for my system support work.

    It would be so nice if I could search and find my snippet quickly and drag and drop to the sql editor.

    Any chance add this to next release 🙂

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    Pawan Gupta Reply

    Hello Jeff,
    We are facing an interesting issue and not able to find the root cause, it will be great if you could give any hint.

    We have a table in ATP we are doing REST GET on that table based on a parameter say project_number it has 15k records for that we are using limit and offset to get 2000 at a time we are seeing that REST is returning duplicate data.. in some case some time. In the table we have confirmed we have 15k data.

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      Pawan Gupta

      Should we add a sort by in the GET call to avoid this?

    • thatjeffsmith

      It’s very possible rows move around the ‘window’ of records by page. Each request, we run the query, again – just for a different requested window.

      So yes, if ordering is important, always include an ORDER BY.

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      Pawan Gupta

      records in database are unchanged. is there a guranteed way to pull records with paging, without duplicate?

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    hi Jeff,

    Is there a chance we can have snippet search feature in sqldeveloper?

    I have been asking for this feature a few times over the years now either in your blog or Oracle forum.

    I really love sqldeveloper and save a lots of snippets in sqldeveloper over the years.

    Now the trouble is finding them and edit them. It took quite some time to find the one I want in the list and click edit, then it brings up the list again and I have to go through the list again.

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    Patricia Freeman Reply

    Good morning Jeff,

    I’m a novice and have SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR access. I would like to know how to get to the source SQL that’s behind either an Oracle canned report or one a former colleague (who is no longer with the organization)?

    What I would eventually like to do is two-fold: 1) copy an Oracle canned report and then customized it, and 2) when I’ve satisfactorily created either a customized SQL report or customized a canned report, then be able to make it available as a CONCURRENT REQUEST for end-users.

    I appreciate your time and guidance.

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    Hi Jeff,

    I have a question regarding setting User Defined Properties in SDDM using scripting.

    I tried below method but it sets Dynamic property-


    Could you please help me with the method which sets User Defined Property?

    Also, what is the difference between the two?

    Neetesh Lodhi

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    how can i get total count for a select with ORDS?

    select col1 ,col2 , count(*) over() total_rows from table1

    do i need to use a stored proc? can’t seem to do it with a view.

    thank you

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    Ingimundur K. GuĂ°mundsson Reply

    Hi Jeff,

    I am setting up APEX on one of our databases. Did this on a test database some time ago, which was version 11 base and it worked fine. Now we have upgraded the databases to 18.7 and this time I receive an insufficient privileges error when it tries to run “execute immediate ‘alter session set “_ORACLE_SCRIPT”=true’;”. I am using my superuser that is logged in as SYSDBA (not using SYS for security reasons). Wondering if there is an extra privilege that I need to give to my superuser so that this will work.

    Thanks in advance.

    • thatjeffsmith

      APEX installs, better to ask the APEX folks/community.

      Also, 18c is officially dropped from Support in like 2 weeks.

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