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  1. Hi Jeff,

    We have 19.1 ORDS running on WebLogic fronted by nginx.

    There are 90-100 GET services that a user calls to process a request. The anticipation is that we would have multiple users calling these services concurrently.

    My question would be is there a way to configure/ restrict the number of users calling the services at any given time?

    Alternatively if we were to configure the environment to handle as many connections as possible what tuning would be recommended I.e connection pools, WebLogic memory/ tuning and at database level?



  2. Hi,

    Formatting question – using version 19.2
    I want to format my variable definition so they are aligned as per below but can’t seem to find an option in the formatter to allow this

    C_THING CONSTANT VARCHAR2(100) := ‘MyThing’;

    • oops – spaces got removed! CONSTATN should be vertically aligned and the VARCHAR2 for V_THING shoul also be vertically aligned

  3. Hello Jeff,

    (sql developer 19.1, windows 10, 64 bit executable)
    we want to change our workflow to be more lightweight so we checked out the possibilities of code templates in sql developer and git implementation. You did write some blog entries about templates. But i did not find what i was looking for. Our goal is to create package (and procedures, functions) stubs with some pre generated comments. A package template should have a similiar outcome like this:

    CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE schema_ab.pck_my_package AS

    / * ====================================================================
    last update: 01.09.2019 15:02:38
    * ====================================================================
    * by: Marky Mark
    * Descrption:
    END schema_ab.pck_my_package;

    So i wanted to use the #time# and #date# in the “last update” line and #user# in the “by” line.
    But, those tags doesnt seems to work at all and especially not in comments. Additionally it doesnt seem to be possible to place a cursor bracket [] within a comment properly. In the resulting code the cursor area mark is completly wrecked.

    Bonus question: is it somehow possible to insert the package name (like schema_ab.pck_my_package) inside a bracket placeholder only one time so the name at the end of the package is changed too?

    Could you please guide me through this?

    Thanks and Regards,
    btw: i am a big fan of sql developer and use it since version 1. Again and again I’m trying to convince my collegues using sql developer with growing success.

    • Hello Jeff,
      is it possible to give me a hint on this ? I’d like to introduce sql developer in a proper way in our company.

    • thatjeffsmith

      I’m at Open World this week, so a bit backed up.

      From what I can tell thee’s no way to use the #date and #time bits, and i’m not sure on your question about the object names, but also as far as I know, it can’t do that either.


    Hi All,


    How do I enable OAuth Authentication for AutoRest?


    • thatjeffsmith

      same as for any service, Todd talks a bit about that here

      When you rest enable a table, you can see the Privilege that’s created you can use to secure it.

  5. Exported connections from 19.2 with a key so it would export with passwords too.
    But when I import the connections into another 19.2 it says “The specified decryption key does not match the key used to encrypt the passwords in the file”. I provide the same key from when I did the export.
    If I do the export/import without a key (so passwords are not migrated) it works great.
    Any ideas why it’s not happy with the key?
    John P

    • thatjeffsmith

      Where is your ‘another 19.2’ – on a different machine? What version of Java is that copy of SQL Developer using?

    • Hi Jeff,
      the original is on Windows with Java 1.8.0_212
      the other version was actually 19.1 is on Solaris pointing to a JRE 1.8
      So I got the without a JRE version onto Solaris .
      I installed a JDK 1.8_221 onto the Solaris box and change my PATH to point to that Java.
      Uncommented out # AddVMOption -Dsun.java2d.xrender=false from the sqldeveloper.conf so the GUI would display.
      Then retried the Connection import and it worked and kept all the passwords.
      Thanks for making me think about the version and the JDK.
      John P.

  6. Hello Jeff,

    In the find database object, i’m able to find my package. But when i click on it, it does not open the source code.
    We have NA and EMEA region DB separately. In NA this option of viewing source code works and EMEA it does not work. (In Toad EMEA instance i’m able to open this package )
    Is it something to with RAC environment. I have same DB privileges in both the DB regions.

    How do i address this issue

  7. Hi Jeff,
    Do you know if there are any tools available that support automated conversion of MSFT Sql queries to Oracle Sql? Thanks.

  8. Hi Jeff,

    I am an ORDS/Apeks enthusiast. We are moving onto the REST world at Harvard and I was trying to get troves of DB developers on board to create some momentum around our initiatives.

    I have a demo for them this week and was hoping to use your slide deck. I got the PDF version; but if you don’t mind sharing your ppt versions that would save me a lot of work.

    Thank you, Please feel free to contact me @ my work email.


    • thatjeffsmith

      I just sent you some slides, let me know if you don’t get them, it was an 11MB file attachment.

  9. Hello Jeff,
    can sql developer supports custom JDBC Driver?
    I need connected a Database Middleware — MyCat, It is like I have our custom JDBC Driver,
    I add third-part JDBC , but no card can see it like mysql card. so I can’t input connection msg.
    I can connected this JDBC and run SQL through import conn by XML.But I can’t see database structure.

    How do i fixed this issue ?

    sincerely thank!

    • thatjeffsmith

      Not really an ORDS question, you just need to have your web server use the default port for HTTPS (443) – if that’s ORDS Standalone (Jetty) that setting is in the file – note that your OS may not like an app binding to 443 and you’ll have to configure it to allow so. But again, not really an ORDS question.

  10. Hello Jeff,

    In the find database object, i’m able to find my package. But when i click on it, it does not open the source code.
    We have NA and EMEA region DB separately. In NA this option of viewing source code works and EMEA it does not work.
    Is it something to with RAC environment. I have same DB privileges in both the DB regions.

    How do i address this issue ?

  11. (Version
    I just changed the colors around in the SQL Developer Editor, and the only thing I can’t figure out how to change is the block highlight color in the margin. (When you select an “if”, for example, it will show a bar on the left side of the window that goes down to the corresponding “end if”.) In the default scheme, it was a blue-grey color that contrasted with the white background, but now that I’ve changed the background to black, it’s a dark grey color that barely contrasts with the black. I figured out that under Display, I can toggle “margin indicates current block”, but I cannot figure out how to change the color of that indication to be more visible.

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